Bumper Car Cake

  Yes.. this is what my brat calls this cake.. a bumper car cake. Just like she calls the show, Cars..! Very creative i’ll have to say.

Cheng T’ng Canadian Style

This is a Chinese dessert that we can get for $1 back home in food court and hawker centers. It is what we get in Chinese restaurants too. The dried longan that i got this time from Halifax is of a better quality one, as you can see the soup is very clear.. and i … [Read more…]

Lobster Cupcake

I know that in Asia.. they are having these cupcake craze.. well.. the Canadians also not to lose out.. have their own as well. Very popular for children’s birthday.. so that each can have one.. I present to you .. Lobster Cupcake.


I’m a certified ice cube junkie. How do i know that.. ?? You bring your kid to Subway.. to get a sandwich together with her daddy, and the first thing she did was get an empty cup.. and asked “can i get some ice for mummy.. please..? “ Yup, the truth and nothing but the … [Read more…]

Rappie Pie

The Rappie Pie is very famous with the french ppl here. They are so famous.. that if they had any gathering.. one cannot do without the Rappie Pie. The Rappie pie is made of grated potatoes, chicken (or whatever meat) patates râpées, hence the name “rappie” pie. Once the potatoes are grated and the water … [Read more…]

Someone Must Love Salami

Took this from our local supermarket .. for they moved things around. I’ll say someone must love their salami..! muhahahaha!! All kinds and all sorts of flavour.. and lots of different brands too.


Welcome to my ice crunching world, where I share my love of food.. and the food that i missed from home.. and those that i get in this part of the world or anywheres I travel. I may just share a recipe or two of my cooking with the lack of ingredients of course.