I’m a certified ice cube junkie. How do i know that.. ?? You bring your kid to Subway.. to get a sandwich together with her daddy, and the first thing she did was get an empty cup.. and asked “can i get some ice for mummy.. please..? “

Yup, the truth and nothing but the truth.. coz’ that was what my kid said yesterday.. when we were at Subway.. after she finished her dental appointment. Of all the things…. she remembered .. that her mummy needed ice..!

Yep..! I’m Certified.. as an Ice Cube Junkie..! no denial at all.. now.

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  1. Wow… that’s really an icecube junkie, hehe. Nice blog by the way… Came here by the way of the lovely wmw‘s blog. Really like the clean design.

    Hope to drop by more often in the future. Have a great 2008! 😀

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