This Is Not Apple

My fridge smells like grapes.. but no grapes is to be found. Saw this a few days ago, in the local grocery store.. and bought it because it was interesting. Does it taste like grapes..?? i donch know yet.. but it sure smells like grapes. Will cut it up tonite.. and try it.

Coloured Lobster

Yes.. very rare.. i would say.. a fisherman finds a catch like this. Earlier this year.. we saw a blue coloured lobster. I’ve heard of some catching yellow and even albino lobster. And apparently, there had been several blue lobsters that landed in Nova Scotia since the season opened last year.  If you are interested … [Read more…]

Jewel Ice Tray

Awesome ice cubes eh..?? will surely drive the man crazy..! Make plain ice, or fruit juice cube for your favourite colored ice. Adding them to any drinks will definitely make the guests feel fun and unique. Comes packaged in clear plastic boxes and only at $9.50 each. A steal .. and for those bringing the … [Read more…]

No More Tears Cooking

I betcha we have this in Asia… but this was only introduced here.. a few months ago. I haven’t bought any yet.. because i love using garlic and ginger with my cooking. As for the garlic.. i used the chopped up already ones… that i can buy bottled for $1.99 here. I tried crushing my … [Read more…]

Fruit Salad

My favorite kinda salad.. with fruits.. and raspberry vinegrate. I love my greens alot.. but the man . .doesn’t share my tastebuds.. so i usually end up eating it all on my own. A salad like this cost about $3.59 canadian. Not ex.. but certainly not cheap at all.

Bee Hoon (Take Out)

This was take out from our friendly neighbourhood chinese restuarant. I think i cook better beehoon than they do. At $10 .. certainly not worth it.. but no choice.. when one is too busy to cook. The man, the kid and the sitter said.. it tasted bland.

Cut Fruits

Fruits are pretty expensive here in Canada, for something like this..and not even sweet .. might i add.. it cost me $4.99 + tax. Yes..! for convenience sake.. because we are at the store the whole day, and lack of fruits, I buy this sometimes.. just to get some fruits into me. If you must … [Read more…]

BeeHoon Bak Kut Teh

Folks back home eat Bak Kut Teh with rice or some even eat them with yam rice ( my favourite) but of course being in Canada.. you have to improvise lah..! Not that we donch have rice here.. just that a whole pot of it.. can be quite tough to finish, so i sometimes put … [Read more…]


One of the food that i missed most is rojak from home – Singapore. My fondest memories of them were eaten when i was a kid. I could eat this with rice..and I would be so happy. At that time it only cost 0.50 cents for a small packet of it.. and when mum was … [Read more…]

The Goodness Of Liver

Not many ppl knows the goodness of liver. According to the chinese.. liver and ginger.. are taken best when you have had a major surgery, lost lots of blood or when one’s tummy ain’t feeling good. Woman folks back home.. eat this everyday.. after having a baby. Unfortunately, for me.. i didn’t have this. .when … [Read more…]


To alot of you .. fishballs is not great.. not even cuttlefishballs but to me here in Canada.. where fishballs are not even heard of.. these are the most precious thing .. to me. Here i am boiling some to make some tom yum udon. It also seems like i only love the spiciness after … [Read more…]

Irish Beef Stew

Just thought i would share the recipe that I had gotten from Sobeys with you. Prep time : 15minsCook time : 1hr, 45mins 680g (1.5Ib) beef stew meat 15ml (1tbsp) vegie oil 2 bay leaves .62ml (1/4 tsp) pepper 710 ml (3 cups) cubed potatoes 3 carrots, cut into pieces 237ml (1 cup) chopped onions … [Read more…]

Cloud Cake

The man loves his cakes.. and so does my daughter.. so we do buy one cake a week.. but we rarely do finished the whole cake in a week.. because i don’t eat them at all. .and the daughter of mine isn’t given alot of sweets either. So the man gets the whole cake to … [Read more…]

Home Made Beef Stew

This is the man’s specialty, we cooked them in a slow cooker.. for at least 4hrs and my lil’ brat loves it to bits. The beef is tender .. and the carrots and potatoes melt in your mouth. The man don’t like the soup.. but eats all the stuff.. wherelse i crave the soup.. because … [Read more…]

Hum Choy, Tofu Soup

Thanks to ChumsyMom.. i finally managed to make hum choy tofu soup. Yes.. i’m quite challenged when it comes to cooking. Had to ask for advice from her .. a few times.. before i attempted to make the soup. Coz’ hum choy hard to get .. where i am .. and i donch wanna waste … [Read more…]

Grounds For Divorce

The other nite.. a customer was in the store.. and saw me eating ice .. and we started chatting and all.. and the other half had his ipod on.. because it was his pet peeved.  So the customer was say..  “but i’m sure you still love her” .. and so forth.. and so forth.. in … [Read more…]

Honey Ginger Lemon Drink

Yer know back in Asia.. we can all go to the mamak store.. and get some teh halia (tea with ginger), for less than a buck but they donch have the same kinda tea that we have back home, so when you are nursing a cold, this is what we chinese do .. in Canada.. … [Read more…]

SzeChuan Prawns

This was what i cooked today. I love cooking prawns.. just because there is no cutting nor alot of marinating required. And when you are in a place .. where you can’t get Asian groceries.. you have to make do. The spice paste that i used was from Asian Gourmet.. that i had bought in … [Read more…]