Thanks to ChumsyMom.. i finally managed to make hum choy tofu soup. Yes.. i’m quite challenged when it comes to cooking. Had to ask for advice from her .. a few times.. before i attempted to make the soup. Coz’ hum choy hard to get .. where i am .. and i donch wanna waste it. It turned out alright.. but next time.. i wanna try them with seafood instead of pork. Anyone got any suggestions..?? Pray tell.


  1. YUM, such a homey dish, I miss this soup but haven’t cooked it in the longest time. Thanks for reminding me now I have to find some yum choy and cook up a pot ASAP!

    Hey.. RM,
    Thanks for dropping by.. 🙂 Let me know how yours turn out.. 😉

  2. prob jan 😀 To be honest, I have never cooked this soup myself though I love it…heheheeh. I’ve only seen my mom or MIL cooked it 😉 Yours look good. Now i want to drink some.

    Hey Barb,
    Thanks..!! it didn’t turn out the way i want it to.. but it was still good.. 🙂

  3. BoBo

    Have you tried using fish like sea bass? If you want to use fish, use a lot of ginger to get rid of the fishy smell. Add carrots for flavour too (my father makes this soup sometimes).

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