I betcha we have this in Asia… but this was only introduced here.. a few months ago. I haven’t bought any yet.. because i love using garlic and ginger with my cooking. As for the garlic.. i used the chopped up already ones… that i can buy bottled for $1.99 here. I tried crushing my own garlic.. but it wasn’t worth the effort… so store bought and chopped it is from then on. If you hate cutting onions like i do.. you may wanna consider this.. not cheap.. but sure saves you alot of problem. If only they would do this with shallot.. it would be perfect. I love shallot.. and need it to cook my beehoon.


  1. I used chopped onions before too because I can’t stand tearing when I cut/chop the onions. I use bottled minced garlic and ginger too. Hahhaha….and I agree with you if they would do this to shallots too!

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