One of the food that i missed most is rojak from home – Singapore. My fondest memories of them were eaten when i was a kid. I could eat this with rice..and I would be so happy. At that time it only cost 0.50 cents for a small packet of it.. and when mum was too busy or not feeling good.. she would tell us to buy this.. and we eat them… with our rice.. and no lamenting or anything…coz’ we just love rojak alot. Good rojaks are hard to find, but i love those that comes with a bit of mango.


Ingredients for my rojak are:

1 small cucumber, cut into wedges
2 slices pineapple, cut into wedges
½ small bangkwang (turnip), peeled and cut into wedges
1 cup bean sprouts, blanched
A bunch kangkong (water convolvulous), blanched (can’t find here)
2 pei tan (century eggs), peeled and quartered (hard to find)
1-2 fried yu tiao (Chinese dough sticks) (impossible to find)

2-3 taupok (fried bean curds) (hard to get)

Mixed them altogether with prawn paste, tamarind juice, sugar and crushed peanuts .. and of course chilli… and some pink ginger bud would be very nice.  Unfortunately, I cannot even home make them because i can’t find all the ingredients.  I can only drool.


  1. wow…i’ve never tried rojak with rice before. kinda strange eh? let me know what kind of paste you want and i’ll send over *wink wink*. you think the customs would confiscate the prawn paste because of the smell? lol.

  2. Well, you have solved a mystery because I recently tried Rojak but now I can actually discover what it is that I ate!!! I enjoyed it. Thank you for the recipe!

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