This was what i cooked today. I love cooking prawns.. just because there is no cutting nor alot of marinating required. And when you are in a place .. where you can’t get Asian groceries.. you have to make do. The spice paste that i used was from Asian Gourmet.. that i had bought in Halifax.. many moons ago. And guess what.. it wasn’t a wee bit spicy at all. Bummer..!!


  1. High cholesterol ah….

    but never mind lah. it’s tasty! 🙂
    i drop by to look for your tom yum beehoon with cuttlefishball. boh leh? :-p

    No choice loh.. Keropokman.. 😉 when in ulu canada like yarmouth hor.. gotta make do with anything you can get lor.
    Oh .. i am usually too hungry to take pictures.. because hor i gotta cook them myself… no hawker to go to leh. 🙁

  2. So it just tasted salty?
    Try using Sambal chili to find that spice. Bottled ones also don’t have?

    Thx for visiting my blog.
    You are in Canada, so cold now.

    Yes.. just salty .. and tiny weeny bit of spice.. 🙁
    Yes.. very cold now..!

  3. Wow, prawns, my favorite, some more Sichuan sauce, I like hot and spicy. I have many many prawn recipes on my blog. Glad to find other cooking blog. 🙂

    Hey.. RM,
    Not spicy enough.. this paste that i found. I love your blog too..!

  4. mmmmm…makes me drool. Next time, you can use the paste that I’m gonna send to you 😉

    Hey.. Barb,
    I’m sure the ones you are sending are gonna be way better.. 😉

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