Dragon Buffet King – Food Review

It was such a ripped off.. eating here. We arrived at 8.15pm.. even though they had said.. that they have their buffet table opened to 9.30pm.. in their advertisement. Boasting of 100 over dishes to choose from and sushi for weekend dinners. Alas, the food was none to be found… and sushi was pathetic.. !! … [Read more…]

Honey Does Wonders

For generations, we have been told that honey can do wonders. I think it is a “chinese” thing..?? where we learned it from our moms and grandmothers. It is said that honey has got restorative powers. Back home in Singapore, there was a place called Wan Yang Reflexology that I go to for massages for … [Read more…]

Whopper At Burger King

Our stop was to Burger King. I haven’t had a whopper for so long.. but what a disappointment. The burger was so-so.. they had so much pickles in it.. i was almost choking of pickles. The burger was soaked with ketchup.. already put into the burger by BK staff… I donch mind the ketchup.. but … [Read more…]

Dragon Buffet King

Stay tuned for my review at this very chinese buffet.. up in the city..! i need to down load pictures before i can continue. But if you see what I ate.. and how much we paid for it.. you prolly wanna pack up .. and come migrate here. PS : A picture taken last nite.. … [Read more…]

I Made Congee!

Sorry..!! i was too greedy.. and had forgotten .. to take pictures..!  thanks to my 2 sifus.. Barb and Sasha.. i managed to cook a decent pot of congee using a slow cooker.. ! awesome easy.. but i am not still getting the taste i want.. so i’ll have to experimental it more.  Oh .. … [Read more…]

Tom Yum BeeHoon With Beef Balls

Being from Asia.. and now leaving so far from home.. in a foreign land, when one wants to eat anything spicy.. one just have to cook them at home on your own.. when you do find the ingredients. I love beehoon and tofu.. but the beef balls i can’t get it over here so often. … [Read more…]

Can Burger Anyone..??

A Cheeseburger in a Can.. woohoo…!! talk about revolutionary food..!! Would it taste as good..?? And how fresh would it be..?? how to heat it up eh..? Weird.. and certainly wouldn’t look like this no..?? I promised i would look out for it.. and try it for myself.. and let everyone know.

Lobster Anyone..??

A customer of our happened to buy this.. and is making seafood chowder with it.. and he paid like $80+ for it. I guess after eating it.. he is gonna mount it he said. At 16.9 pounds .. it’s huge eh..? This must be a grandfather lobster.. muahhaha!!

Love Meat? Nothing Wrong With That..!

So the experts said. Some ppl just can’t go without meat.. and as much as I love vegies.. i’ve gotta eat meat. But there are ways to eat a wee bit healthier. For me.. i never eat fats, like siew york.. or any kinda fatty parts. Choosing leaner cuts and having no added fats or … [Read more…]

Brocolli & Cheddar Quiche

On the 3rd day of CNY, I had quiche that was store bought and it was a special too because I had wanted to buy a pie size quiche .. but they didn’t have it.. so they gave me 4 of it.. and charged me the price of one pie size quiche instead of the … [Read more…]

Spicy Luncheon Meat

The second day of CNY, while some were cooking vegetarian or nasi lemak or laksa.. i had chinese spam..!! woohoo..!!! yup.. i had wanted the normal kinda luncheon meat.. because my brat loves it too.. but grocery woman decided to give me the spicy ones instead. So how leh.. no choice lor.. just eat lor. … [Read more…]

What Did I Have For CNY ..??

While everyone is eating shark’s fin soup, roasted duck, mushroom and abalone.. bak kwa and pineapple tarts.. what did I .. have in “ulu” town in Canada..?? Not much to be exact.. just a few bowls of “lien aw” soup. Lotus root soup.. that i had cooked in the slow cooker the nite before CNY. … [Read more…]

Dumpling Press

See what i found in our local Zellers..!! Dumpling press..!! woohoo..!! looks like someone is gonna go nuts over dumplings real soon.. !! can’t wait to experiment it.  One can make your own dumpling without this of course.. but if you wanna make pretty dumplings.. i think this can help.

Mee Pok

The little pleasures of life.. in having mee pok… in a faraway land .. with no authentic chinese food. Missing home.. and blessing the dear heart of a dear friend.. who went to the city to get me 5 packets of meepok. Now i can eat until “siow” .. muahahhaha!!