Chicken Bacon

I haven’t eaten real bacon for the last 7 yrs.. because the taste is horrid. I started eating turkey bacon.. and i saw chicken bacon newly recommended by Maple Lodge Farms. Bought it and tried it.. and was quite disappointed with it. I think i will stick to my turkey bacon from now on. Donch … [Read more…]

Home Made Lemon Meringue

I’ll have to say .. the “ang mohs” are very good in making pies, cakes.. brownies.. muffins.. and any kind of desserts. This is a home-made lemon meringue pie made by the man’s aunt.. and when i asked her for the recipe.. she easily rattle it off.. as if it’s nothing at all. So awesome … [Read more…]

Organic Tofu

Found this at the local grocery store.. and not the city’s asian grocery store.. so i was kinda surprised.. and bought it to try of course. At $1.99 for 2 pieces of tofu.. i know all of you from Asia.. must be thinking i am crazy. But chinese food like that are ex here.. if … [Read more…]

Easter Lunch

You must all be wondering what i had for Easter lunch at my in-laws. Well.. my MIL made me my favorite potatoes and eggs salad. Of course we had the regular potatoes for the boys.. and my daughter… with carrots, brocolli (because it’s my favourite) and dessert. Sorry .. i didn’t take alot of pictures.. … [Read more…]

Luncheon Meat Porridge

While once upon a time.. i would never think of eating luncheon meat at all… i know craved for them.. and will eat just about any kinda luncheon meat by Ma Ling.. and in anything. Yes.. when i was young .. my mother said.. never to eat luncheon meat.. because it’s garbage.. therefore i rarely … [Read more…]

Red Bean Sago With White Nut

Finally i managed to cook my red bean dessert with sago. I very the blur..!!! Never cooked sago before in my life.. and didn’t wanna mess up.. because as you all know. .ingredients are hard to come by. I asked Barb.. if she knew.. but looks like she never cooked sago before either. So easy … [Read more…]

New Bakery In Town

New management.. new bakery.. and new owner.. for a very old bakery. Stay tuned for more.. while i make sure i get all the right info. Some goodies.. but nope.. we didn’t buy these. We bought some chocolate cubes and some other cakes for the sitter’s parents. More goodies.. that we have yet to try.  … [Read more…]

Mixed Sushi @ Dharma Sushi, Halifax

This was the lunch special I had at Dharma Sushi .. when I was up in Halifax a few weeks ago. As you can see.. the presentation was so-so.. but the food was decent. Unlike the ones sold at our local Sobeys..this is definitely worth eating. The rice was moist and the fish somewhat fresh. … [Read more…]

Seaweed Roasted

You wouldn’t believed it.. but the local grocery store – Sobeys is carry seaweed.. and rice vinegar.. and japanese rice. .and ginger.. for us to make our own sushi..!! woohoo..! i already ate 2 packs of these.. with my noodles.. now if only they bring back that soba.. that they had moons ago. I am … [Read more…]

Red Bean Cake

By very rare chance i found this during my trip to the city. This are Japanese rice cake with red bean inside it. They were very nice and fresh .. at $1.95 per piece. .it wasn’t too bad a deal at all. But the red bean could be softer though. I haven’t had this for … [Read more…]


I would never eat dodol when i was back home. Why eat imitation .. when you can get the real thing right..?? Well.. the times are different now.. ! the chinese have a saying.. “ma sei lok dei hang” .. meaning.. if the horse died .. you’ve to come down from the house.. and walk. … [Read more…]

Home Made Pork & Century Egg Congee

I cooked this with a slow cooker.. and it was pretty easy .. i’ll have to say. All i did was .. put in some lean pork… 5 handfuls of rice.. and water filled up to 3 quarter full of the slow cooker .. add in some sesame oil.. and salt to taste.. and let … [Read more…]

Blue Lobster

A rare find.. in the tank of our local grocery store. I thought I would share this with all of you. Look at how huge the blue lobster is.  But it is caught in Canadian waters.  Would you buy and eat a blue lobster..??

Hot Pot Wannabe

Doesn’t this looked like your steamboat. Yes.. when you donch have any good szechuan or hotpot place you have to do it yourself.. if you wanna eat anything. So armed with newly bought fresh inoki mushrooms .. and some beef balls.. i added some spicy tom yum paste, plus some beehoon, this was my dinner.

Dharma Sushi – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dharma Sushi is located in Argyle Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The owner is a Japanese, so you can expect quality sushi .. and quality food.. at reasonable prices. This trip to Dharma Sushi was just as good. Unfortunately, because there was only one chef, he can’t do any specials for me. I didn’t get … [Read more…]