I cooked this with a slow cooker.. and it was pretty easy .. i’ll have to say. All i did was .. put in some lean pork… 5 handfuls of rice.. and water filled up to 3 quarter full of the slow cooker .. add in some sesame oil.. and salt to taste.. and let it boil for 4 hrs. When ready to eat them.. all you need to do is to cut the century eggs and put them in the congee. . and sprinkle some spring onions.. and it’s ready. Yummy..!! thanks again to Barb and Sasha.. for teaching me.


  1. Been cooking this with rice cooker (lid off) but never with the slow cooker. Think your way is more hygiene as can keep the lid on. Will try tonight.

  2. I’ve used slow cooker to cook congee before but it turned out kinda sticky. I wish I could try again but the voltage/power for my slow cooker does not work in Taiwan!!! And it’s too troublesome to get a transformer.

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