Found this at the local grocery store.. and not the city’s asian grocery store.. so i was kinda surprised.. and bought it to try of course. At $1.99 for 2 pieces of tofu.. i know all of you from Asia.. must be thinking i am crazy. But chinese food like that are ex here.. if you must know.. wherelse tofu.. back home is at $0.20 a piece. The organic tofu.. didn’t taste as good as the regular ones.. but’s just because it is organic… and i’m not used to it. And being szechuan.. i would have hope that it would be spicy.. but it wasn’t really. And the spicy sauce they had on.. didn’t give me the oomp feeling.. so i guess i wouldn’t be buying it again. They also had the ones with teriyaki sauce.. but i’ve yet to try it.. even though i bought them.

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  1. T M Chung

    Traditional organic tofu from Asia is definitely not easy to find. Being Asian, tofu is a big part of my culture, and it’s not because I’m vegetarian, it’s because I’ve eaten it all my life.

    When I learned that organic tofu didn’t contain soybeans that were genetically modified I was determined to find a kind of tofu that tasted good and was organic. While I haven’t found and GOOD “traditional” tofu, I have found some great Organic Tofu in the frozen section at my natural store made here in America by Helen’s Kitchen. They call them Tofu Steaks and they taste really good. The price is more, but it’s worth the extra cost because you get something more palatable. They have a website – try it and then make your own traditional sauces, it is a great combination!

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