Pineapple Rice

Pineapple rice has become one of my favorite dish to fry up.. when i am in a hurry. Now if only the kid and the man would eat the prawns/shrimp.. that would be great. The want me to fry it with chicken. .but that takes cutting up into bite sizes for the kid.. and then … [Read more…]

Dinner Rate

Dinner with your insurance agent can be really fun.  For sure she wants to close the deal. .but all you can think about is food.   Why do they have to suggest dinner and a date.. ?? Why can’t they come talk to me. .in the office..??  I take care of our regional office insurance … [Read more…]

Dinner & A Movie

My bestie and I went for dinner and a movie the other day.. and she was having some PMS problems.  She is using some progesterone creme to relieve the pain and she recommended it to me because I always have problems with my PMS and used to cancel my dinner appointments because of it.  I … [Read more…]

Guess What This Is..??

You know when you are so far away from home.. and if you wanted to eat anything.. you either have to cook yourself.. or if you can’t find the exact ingredients.. you’ll have to improvise. Here is a dish.. that i loved when i was back home.. but rarely eat.. for fear of high cholesterol.. … [Read more…]

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

We’ve all heard so much about it.. so i thought i will just jot it down.. that way.. i remember exactly why Omega 3 fatty acids is good for one’s body. It is said that Omega 3 fatty acids help protect your heart. Omega 3 fatty acids can be gotten from eggs too.. and not … [Read more…]

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad must be my favorite green salad. But not just any Caesar salad from anywheres but Jungle Jims or Pizza Delight. They are run by the same owners till recently. The vegies are fresh.. and they give the right amount of cheese and mayo.. and lots of bacon bits and croûtons. I could make … [Read more…]

Mesh Organizer For Sauces

Wow..!! this is exactly what i need to organise my sauces, oil, pepper, salt and anything else i need for cooking. The tray that I am using are small little trays..and they looked horrid. AT 7.99.. i definitely can afford it. This 3-Tier Mesh Cabinet Organizer maximizes the storage potential of your countertops, cabinets and … [Read more…]


An omelet for breakfast is a treat because we hardly have time to do anything in the mornings. But last Saturday.. our staff had to work morning.. because she needed the evening off, so we had time.. to cook a leisurely breakfast. Unfortunately, for me.. i’m the only one at home.. who would eat eggs… … [Read more…]

Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Healthy benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids includes : Lower blood pressure Reduce risk of blood clots and blocked blood vessels Protect against abnormal heart rhythm that can caused sudden death Prevent hardening of the arteries. With so many benefits.. try Omega 3 eggs now..!


I need one.. because I used to love steam fish.. with ginger.. and fried onion bits. But the ones I have currently.. makes the fish all watery.. because of the condensation. Anyone can help me out and tell me.. what can i do .. from letting excess water go into the food.. ?? besides covering … [Read more…]

Mood Eater

Are you someone who eats depending on your mood ..?? It is not strange at all because I honestly believed that there are loads of people out there who does it. I for one eat according to my mood. I eat alot when I am happy, I eat more when I am sad.. and I … [Read more…]

Crazy For Corelle

Told yer.. i’m crazy about Corelle. If I can.. i would buy different sets every season.. and every year. Everytime i go to the mall.. i’ll pop in to see . .if they have anything new.. or on sale. Sometimes.. if you are looking out.. you can get them at really good prices. Are you … [Read more…]

Hotel Food & Baby Shower

I was invited to a baby shower at a lawyer’s house one time.. and as soon as we went into his house.. and saw waiters and waitress with trays of food and drinks.. i knew we didn’t spend enough for the baby’s present.  I bet they had catered the food from a hotel.. and you … [Read more…]

Prima Taste Laksa

For someone like me here in Canada.. but not anywheres near Vancouver or Toronto, a taste of home is really hard to come by. Besides a few blogger friends who had bought me and sent me quite a few .. my daughter’s godmother from Toronto would bring some for me.. when she comes for her … [Read more…]


Don’t you just love going for housewarming..??  when a co-worker or a friend or even family members buy a new house, we always get invited to their housewarming.  Actually it is a wonderful thing to be owning your own home or for those who are into investing in homes. I know so, because at 17 … [Read more…]