Martin Yan Carves Chicken In 18 Secs

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Chinese | Saturday 31 May 2008 2:27 am

Martin Yan carves a chicken in 18 seconds! from Jaden Hair on Vimeo.
Awesome..!! watch it..!

Pineapple Rice

Posted by mamabok | Thai | Friday 30 May 2008 1:35 pm


Pineapple rice has become one of my favorite dish to fry up.. when i am in a hurry. Now if only the kid and the man would eat the prawns/shrimp.. that would be great. The want me to fry it with chicken. .but that takes cutting up into bite sizes for the kid.. and then marinating for a few hours… wherelse, prawn is easy peasy.. not really alot of marination required.. and no cutting up of stuff. So i put in peas and carrots and corn.. and then shred some chicken on it.. after it’s done cooking. .and then put in some tofu . .for the kid.. to give her some protein. It pretty simple to do.. coz’ i use a pre-mix from Asian Gourmet.

Dinner Rate

Posted by mamabok | Useful Links,Useful Tips | Thursday 29 May 2008 12:47 am

Dinner with your insurance agent can be really fun.  For sure she wants to close the deal. .but all you can think about is food.   Why do they have to suggest dinner and a date.. ?? Why can’t they come talk to me. .in the office..??  I take care of our regional office insurance for everyone, but to be unbiased, we try to use different agents for different people in the office, that way one cannot get any bribes or benefits from using just one insurance agent, plus life insurance rates varies too.  So it is good to make your comparison.  I guess dinner rate/price depends on how much you want to buy from your agent eh..?

Dinner & A Movie

Posted by mamabok | Useful Links,Useful Tips | Wednesday 28 May 2008 2:38 pm

My bestie and I went for dinner and a movie the other day.. and she was having some PMS problems.  She is using some progesterone creme to relieve the pain and she recommended it to me because I always have problems with my PMS and used to cancel my dinner appointments because of it.  I had a great time with my bestie.

Guess What This Is..??

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home | Saturday 24 May 2008 11:02 pm


You know when you are so far away from home.. and if you wanted to eat anything.. you either have to cook yourself.. or if you can’t find the exact ingredients.. you’ll have to improvise. Here is a dish.. that i loved when i was back home.. but rarely eat.. for fear of high cholesterol.. but because I haven’t had the authentic thing for 8.5yrs now.. I had no choice but to make do. Can you guess what it is..??


I had this yesterday nite.. it could use a bit more chilli .. but it still was good.. but didn’t have the oomph..! usually it comes with some seafood and cockles.. but of course i can’t find any cockles.. so i used other things instead.


Ok..! i even show you the package of stuff that I made them with. So what is it..??

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Posted by mamabok | Useful Tips | Saturday 24 May 2008 3:52 am


We’ve all heard so much about it.. so i thought i will just jot it down.. that way.. i remember exactly why Omega 3 fatty acids is good for one’s body. It is said that Omega 3 fatty acids help protect your heart.

Omega 3 fatty acids can be gotten from eggs too.. and not just from fish. Did you know that..?? I betcha didn’t..!!! Eggs is a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 eggs are produced by hens fed a diet enriched with flaxseed, which is a source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 eggs contain 2 types of fatty acids that scientific research .. has shown to help manage heart disease. Omega 3 eggs a good choice for a healthy heart..! so when you get your next eggs.. get those that is Omega 3 fatty acids.. because I am too.

A PaintBall Celebration

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Food Review,Gadgets,Japanese,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Saturday 24 May 2008 1:19 am

I’ve never played paintball till I came to Canada. The man’s buddy made a bet with us that we weren’t going to win because I was an amateur who had never played before but I did a little practice with some of the gals who had accompanied their boyfriends before the actual day and guess what? We didn’t lose.. in fact.. it was the buddy’s girlfriend that got him killed in the game. We went to a Japanese restaurant for the winning celebration.. and it had to be a real torture for the buddy because he can’t eat seafood.

My interest is of course heightened with winning the game but unfortunately we don’t have many places that sell paintball markers and its accessories. Someone recommended ECHO1 USA as they carry a wide range air guns, BB guns, replica guns and of course paintball markers and accessories like masks, holsters, gun trigger upgrades and more. They do have top quality guns and are perfect for target practice, plinking, hunting and games. The pricing is affordable and for orders over $199 they even offer free ground shipping for all 48 lower states.

Caesar Salad

Posted by mamabok | Salads,Vegies,Western | Saturday 24 May 2008 12:54 am


Caesar Salad must be my favorite green salad. But not just any Caesar salad from anywheres but Jungle Jims or Pizza Delight. They are run by the same owners till recently. The vegies are fresh.. and they give the right amount of cheese and mayo.. and lots of bacon bits and croûtons. I could make a meal outta it, plus after eating so much meat during the week.. it is good to get some healthy stuff into the body .. donch you think..?

Farewell Dinner

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Saturday 24 May 2008 12:22 am

It was an extremely sad dinner and I’d rather not remember it some 20 yrs ago. It was with my ex-boss and his family that I had been working for 2 yrs, it was an engineering firm. He had filed for bankruptcy after trying to build up the firm for the last 25 yrs of his life and he was certainly no spring chicken in business. However, the economy was so bad and people whom we had contracts with just didn’t come through for him. It was a very emotional dinner for his family was deeply affected by it as well.

It was not an easy thing to file for chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt relief services were not available during those times. Fortunately we now have people like Harold Shepley, a Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorney who himself has a personal experience and understand of what you are going through.  He really cares about you and your well being and the seeks the best outcome for your situation. Inspired to help others out of their debt related situations, he is someone who is delicate towards your overall wellbeing.  Who better to turn to than someone who has been through it himself first hand. It was a dinner I’d rather have never attended, but if I was ever in this situation again, I know who to recommend.

Mesh Organizer For Sauces

Posted by mamabok | Gadgets | Saturday 24 May 2008 12:02 am


Wow..!! this is exactly what i need to organise my sauces, oil, pepper, salt and anything else i need for cooking. The tray that I am using are small little trays..and they looked horrid. AT 7.99.. i definitely can afford it. This 3-Tier Mesh Cabinet Organizer maximizes the storage potential of your countertops, cabinets and pantry shelves. Items are tiered so they are easy to see. The organizer features three levels; your countertop or shelf provides a fourth storage tier. Awesome..!! except shipping cost more than the item. So i have to look out for more stuff to buy before shipping it.

Myth Or Fact About Herbs That Can Help Fertility

Posted by mamabok | Health,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Friday 23 May 2008 11:57 pm

For centuries, and as long as I can personally remember, the women folk in our family had been pretty hush-hush about what to eat and what not to eat when we begin our monthly menses. My mother used to double boil some kind of herbs every month at the end of our menses to cleanse and to build up the body’s immune system.

Unfortunately, these did not really helped for some in the family while for others it worked like magic. I don’t know how to explain it but for an aunt who loved kids, she went for some professional assessment and help. In vitro is not uncommon these days and with a fertility specialist like Dr Randy Morris they can help couples understand and resolve infertility issues. Seeing my aunt pregnant and carrying my cousin full term gives me hope to tell others that it is possible to have their own kid, after all children are God’s gift and almost every woman i know love kids.


Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Western | Friday 23 May 2008 4:30 am


An omelet for breakfast is a treat because we hardly have time to do anything in the mornings. But last Saturday.. our staff had to work morning.. because she needed the evening off, so we had time.. to cook a leisurely breakfast. Unfortunately, for me.. i’m the only one at home.. who would eat eggs… the rest of the family would not touch it. The man said.. he used to throw up.. when he was a kid.. and the kid didn’t wanna have anything to do with yakkies.  In my omelet, I had mushrooms, ham, cheese and paprika.  Yummy..!

Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Posted by mamabok | Health,Useful Tips | Thursday 22 May 2008 9:24 pm

Healthy benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids includes :

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce risk of blood clots and blocked blood vessels
  • Protect against abnormal heart rhythm that can caused sudden death
  • Prevent hardening of the arteries.
  • With so many benefits.. try Omega 3 eggs now..!


    Posted by mamabok | Gadgets | Wednesday 21 May 2008 4:42 pm


    I need one.. because I used to love steam fish.. with ginger.. and fried onion bits. But the ones I have currently.. makes the fish all watery.. because of the condensation. Anyone can help me out and tell me.. what can i do .. from letting excess water go into the food.. ?? besides covering it..?

    Mood Eater

    Posted by mamabok | Health,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Wednesday 21 May 2008 4:36 pm

    Are you someone who eats depending on your mood ..?? It is not strange at all because I honestly believed that there are loads of people out there who does it. I for one eat according to my mood. I eat alot when I am happy, I eat more when I am sad.. and I eat just because when I am watching tv. Some people said.. that this kind of eaters are terrible.. and I do feel extremely guilty when i overeat. I sometimes wonder if this has anything to do with some kinda stress or depression ..?? For anyone who have mood swings like me, I hear that Ultram can help and to buy ultram cheaply and online is not impossible. Studies showed that medication do play an important role in a person’s mood. But like any kind of medication, one should definitely do some research work and consult your family doctor before taking them.

    Crazy For Corelle

    Posted by mamabok | Gadgets | Monday 19 May 2008 5:21 am


    Told yer.. i’m crazy about Corelle. If I can.. i would buy different sets every season.. and every year. Everytime i go to the mall.. i’ll pop in to see . .if they have anything new.. or on sale. Sometimes.. if you are looking out.. you can get them at really good prices. Are you like me..?? and love to buy dishes.. bowls.. and whatnots..??



    I really .. really liked the Japanese style ones.. but they are so heavy.. so i didn’t get them. They remind me of my little time i had spent in Japan.. the lacquer bowls.. and tea cups.. and condiment bowls. For those who don’t know.. i really love all things japanese.. but japan is really a very expensive place to live or work in.

    Hotel Food & Baby Shower

    Posted by mamabok | Parties,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Monday 19 May 2008 4:37 am

    I was invited to a baby shower at a lawyer’s house one time.. and as soon as we went into his house.. and saw waiters and waitress with trays of food and drinks.. i knew we didn’t spend enough for the baby’s present.  I bet they had catered the food from a hotel.. and you know what.. i saw baby furniture as baby’s gift at the corner of the garden. Boy..!! some people are generous..!

    Experiencing The Culture & Food

    Posted by mamabok | Useful Links,Useful Tips,Vacation | Monday 19 May 2008 4:32 am

    When one goes traveling to a new country, our anticipation is pretty high. Not only do we want to taste the local food there.. and soak in the different culture.. you bet we want to try out their fine restaurants too.  How many of you .. go for holidays armed with all the food and restaurants you must go to..?? I do..!  and i’m certainly not ashamed to say it.. ! food is definitely a priority .. when it comes to vacation.. but i hope you bought some travel health insurance too, for you never know when you need to see a doctor for food poisoning.  Of course, no one wished to be sick.. but it’s always good to be prepared. I sure learned my lesson.. and the expensive way.. when i had to pay for medical fees.. on my own.. and it was an insane charge..!

    Prima Taste Laksa

    Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home | Monday 19 May 2008 12:44 am


    For someone like me here in Canada.. but not anywheres near Vancouver or Toronto, a taste of home is really hard to come by. Besides a few blogger friends who had bought me and sent me quite a few .. my daughter’s godmother from Toronto would bring some for me.. when she comes for her holiday or when the man’s aunt is in Toronto, she too tries and get me some. During the aunt’s last trip .. they can’t find any .. for the store that used to carry them.. no longer did. It was a really sad day for me, although i told the Aunt that it was alright. But Prima Taste Laksa made me so happy.. i almost cried.. when i had the first taste of it. It was so easy to cook.. and it really tasted like the authentic katong laksa.



    Making my laksa as authentic as possible.


    Posted by mamabok | Useful Links,Useful Tips | Monday 19 May 2008 12:42 am

    Don’t you just love going for housewarming..??  when a co-worker or a friend or even family members buy a new house, we always get invited to their housewarming.  Actually it is a wonderful thing to be owning your own home or for those who are into investing in homes. I know so, because at 17 .. i connected my mother’s friend.. to a real estate agent who was also a friend then.. and we sold a house together.. and I earned my first 1K at 17 yrs of age.  20 something years ago.. 1K was alot of money then, it sure was an awesome feeling.  And when i saw what my mother’s friend was doing.. i cannot help but envy that he was far sighted and  into this business of cash for homes.

    The turnover was so quick, because he had just bought that terrace house not too long ago.. i heard.. and sold it to my real estate friend’s client who was looking for a home in that area. connects investors like my mother’s friend and the sellers who need cash for their properties or houses.  In this business for 9 years, they are reliable, efficient and absolutely professional.  For entrepreneurs, investors and even property companies looking for a way to connect and locate these properties for a quick sale and investment,  are the one who is able to connect you and the seller quickly and stress free.

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