Are you someone who eats depending on your mood ..?? It is not strange at all because I honestly believed that there are loads of people out there who does it. I for one eat according to my mood. I eat alot when I am happy, I eat more when I am sad.. and I eat just because when I am watching tv. Some people said.. that this kind of eaters are terrible.. and I do feel extremely guilty when i overeat. I sometimes wonder if this has anything to do with some kinda stress or depression ..?? For anyone who have mood swings like me, I hear that Ultram can help and to buy ultram cheaply and online is not impossible. Studies showed that medication do play an important role in a person’s mood. But like any kind of medication, one should definitely do some research work and consult your family doctor before taking them.

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  1. xbabiex

    sometimes, i do eat depending on my mood. haha especially when i get mad i’ll eat more or i’ll listen to music.

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