For someone like me here in Canada.. but not anywheres near Vancouver or Toronto, a taste of home is really hard to come by. Besides a few blogger friends who had bought me and sent me quite a few .. my daughter’s godmother from Toronto would bring some for me.. when she comes for her holiday or when the man’s aunt is in Toronto, she too tries and get me some. During the aunt’s last trip .. they can’t find any .. for the store that used to carry them.. no longer did. It was a really sad day for me, although i told the Aunt that it was alright. But Prima Taste Laksa made me so happy.. i almost cried.. when i had the first taste of it. It was so easy to cook.. and it really tasted like the authentic katong laksa.



Making my laksa as authentic as possible.

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  1. christy

    i will try this brand of laska, being in australia for 10 years or so, definitely miss those authentic food sold in singapore, singapore and malaysia are so unique in their food n many other cultures.

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