Anorexic Chicken Wings

Had this for lunch.. and it was like $5.65 .. and bought at the waterfront.  It wasn’t great.. but as you can see not much meat.  But the worst part was.. as soon as i got home.. i had tummy ache..! ouch..!  I donch really like too fatty chicken wings.. but this is really too … [Read more…]

Pool Party & BBQ

Anyone who knows me.. knows that i am crazy about BBQ.  Having a pool party with BBQ  .. now that’s awesome..!  Not many people has a pool here.. because we don’t stay in a condominium, so when we were invited by a customer for a pool party.. we jumped at the chance to swim.. and … [Read more…]

Mocha Cubes

These were like $4 .. but they are really good. Before we used to be able to get it at the bakery in Hebron.. but they sold their bakery.. and well.. now it is owned by someone else.. and the last time we tried it.. it was kinda disappointing.. and we haven’t been back since. … [Read more…]

Crazy About Fruits

Told you i was crazy about fruits..! when i saw this at the local grocery store the other day.. my eyes literally light up .. with delight. With summer here.. fruits will be alot cheaper.. and guess what we can go to apple farm.. and get all these.. next to nothing. More fruits.. and the … [Read more…]

The Perfect Spa Experience

Hot tubs are no uncommon here, even my hair stylish has a hot tub just right outside her house.  I know she doesn’t use it very often, maybe it is because the neighbors are too near .. or perhaps the mood isn’t set correct. When we first got out hot tub, we were quite excited … [Read more…]

My Obsession With Fruits

Yes.. i loved fruits.. and even before coming to Canada.. i’ve always eaten alot of it. But over here.. fruits are expensive.. unless you get the apples.. but even the oranges here are ex. But cut fruits like these at $2.99 – 3.99 are sold in grocery stores around Canada. But because i am diabetic.. … [Read more…]

BBQ Burger

You can see we are definitely no short of meat at all. BBQ is a big thing here during the summer. As you can see every grocery store is already stocking up on all the meat stuff .. for BBQ. There are just so much to choose from. Prices varies .. according to the brand. … [Read more…]

Bigger Refrigerator

Looking out for a bigger refrigerator for our home is a must this year. We have been buying alot of chinese/asian food from the city this year. All thanks to our customers, friends and family members who had been up in the city and so kindly made a trip to the Asian Grocery store up … [Read more…]

Dining Out

Dining out has to slow down a bit this month because of the huge increase of patrol prices everywheres in the world.  With the car insurance that we pay for and now the raise in petrol, it certainly makes it out to drive all the way out of town.. just for a meal.  More home … [Read more…]

Lunch At Zeller’s Diner

We had lunch at Zeller’s Diner, I guess because it is called a diner.. they have the place decorated .. like the 60s diners .. or those on the highway in United States, it reminds me of the time i was in Anchorage… and on the highway back to the hotel and there were bikers … [Read more…]

Home Made Herb Chicken

Herb chicken .. home cooked and food from home. Thanks to Barbara who had sent me a huge bag of herbs and chinese stuff. It was awesome..! the herbal chicken .. turned out so well.. that even my kid who doesn’t eat alot of meat.. asked for more chicken. All ready for cooking now. I … [Read more…]

Housewarming & A Site Inspection

We love being invited for housewarming parties because not only will the host be very generous where the foods are concerned but it’s fun to see how other people choose to decorate and what renovations they’ve done or plan to do. These days exterior shutters seem to be the “in” thing, I’ve seen them in … [Read more…]

Home Cooked Broccoli

I love my vegies alot. And it is so easy to cook broccolis, in fact I can eat the whole thing that is on the frying pan. I honestly, feel that I am not getting enough vegies at all..for no on in the family loves broccolis at all.. so i end up eating everything.. lock, … [Read more…]


Can you guess how much this papaya cost..?? Yes.. ! quite a ridiculous price here as you can guess. Any tropical fruit that comes by here.. is expensive. I don’t even eat fresh pineapples no more.. for one cost as much as $5.99 Cdn.. if i am lucky. I eat can ones most times. And … [Read more…]

Eclairs Are Cheap

I keep saying the food is so expensive here.. but food like this huge eclair is really cheap. At $1.39 only.. this eclair would take me a few days to finish.. because i don’t like sweet stuff.. and secondly .. i’m diabetic. So back home I can get chicken rice for $2.50 but for a … [Read more…]