Hot tubs are no uncommon here, even my hair stylish has a hot tub just right outside her house.  I know she doesn’t use it very often, maybe it is because the neighbors are too near .. or perhaps the mood isn’t set correct.

When we first got out hot tub, we were quite excited about it.. but after a while, you kinda get used to having it there.. and you don’t make use of it so often.  Inviting friends over for a soak.. also dwindle with time.  Our hot tub soon became a white elephant until we went to Cuba for a vacation and we found that we were using the hot tub there .. everyday..  and it could be just about anytime of the day.

I came home thinking of all the good times .. we can have with our own hot tub .. and decided to get some  hot tub accessories like a scenery to blend with our garden where the hot tub is.  It is not only affordable but really simple to put together and you can even change scene as and when you want. And it doesn’t matter what size your tub is.. they are designed to fit your tub. You will be happy to know that it is waterproof, high durability and has high chemical resistance.  Making your hot tub into a resort like sanctuary is no longer a dream.  You can have your own resort right in your home.

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