Second Cup

Yes.. local coffee shop .. second cup is offering a new and irresistible smoothie . .that has zero calories to quench your thirst this summer.  Special offer till August 4th for only $2.50 + tax, so hope by .. there are several location in Halifax and all over Canada.  Oh..! did i tell you . … [Read more…]

M & M Meat Shops

M&M meat shops is no stranger to the people in Atlantic Canada.. but we only have one here.. a few years ago.. in this small town of ours. I’ve always liked M&M .. especially for their party food.. and their desserts. Of course they have more than just party food and desserts .. they have … [Read more…]

When The Fish Isn’t Fresh

I don’t know about other people but when the fish ain’t fresh… i know it immediately.  It really upsets me.. because that piece of salmon gotten from Superstore.. wasn’t cheap at all. And knowing that it wasn’t fresh.. i definitely cannot let my kid eat it right..? just in case.. something doesn’t goes well with … [Read more…]


For some of my regular and favourite readers.. you prolly know that i went thru’ a great ordeal with my health recently.. and was hospitalized twice in 2 weeks.  Had one planned operation for removing my fibroids.. and another emergency one . .when i had some complication. But it was the second op that took … [Read more…]

Fresh Bread

Can anyone guess where these fresh bread are from..??  A Hint..??  well.. it is touted as one of the healthiest place to have lunch, dinner and even breakfast.. with as little as 6 grams of fat.. and you can gobble them down.. without feeling guilty.   Ok.. your turn now.  Where are these fresh bread from..?? … [Read more…]

Food Shows

I don’t know about other food bloggers.. but I for one loved all my food show.. from Iron Chef to Japan Hour and anything that comes with food reviews, I just can’t get enough of it.  The man actually tries his very best to make my stay in Canada bearable.. by getting chinese shows.. and … [Read more…]

Jello, Jello

This has been in my diet recently… and that’s because of my surgery, i can’t eat alot of solid food.. so i had no choice but to eat jello.  The man make this for me.. because they are of less sugar.  I’ve never eaten so much jello in my entire life. Instead of buying the … [Read more…]

Herbal Chicken With Condiments

I had made herbal chicken a few weeks ago.. but without the condiments.. so this time.. i got a little bit more adventurous.. and put in some chinese mushrooms, wolfberries and wood fungus. Very easy to prepare.. the pre-mix were sent to me by a good blogger friend.. Barbara from Malaysia. Thank you .. Barb.. … [Read more…]

Subway Baked Knife in Sandwich

A New Yorker claimed that he found a knife about 7 inch long in his foot long sandwich from Subway. Truly i cannot imagined that something could have happened.. especially you are right in front of the counter.. when they fixed your sandwich. Anyhow.. a lawsuit had been filed.. but Subway spokesperson isn’t saying anything. … [Read more…]

Mini Cards From FoodBuzz

I received another package from FoodBuzz today..and in it were mini cards.. with my food blog name on it.. and it said i was a featured publisher. Awesome..!! First i received a bag.. to bring with me.. everywhere.. and now free awesome cards to promote my blog..!! The ppl at FoodBuzz are GREAT..!! It came … [Read more…]

A Gift From Food Buzz

How sweet of Food Buzz to send me this lovely bag .. as a gift for summer..!!  I love it.. and it even has a personalized button .. with Ice Cube Junkie on it.. awesome ppl.. at food buzz..!!  you’ll be sure.. i’ll be using this alot.   Thank you … Food Buzz Team..!!

Junk Food

Junk food anyone..?? There are just too much junk food in this part of the world.. and that must be the reason why kids here are obese. i try to limit my kid’s intake of stuff like these.. but of course.. we don’t deprive her of it. In moderation is the key word for our … [Read more…]

Entertaining During Summer

During summer, we entertain alot because of our extended families.  It is a great way for the cousins to bond.. and to play catch up.  But of course, we are grateful for our Sebo vacuums, else cleaning could turn out to be a bitch.