Rum & Raisin

It is sad when you are in another country and can’t get the food that you are used to.  But it’s even sadder when you can’t get the treats too, like my rum and raisin from Haagen Dazs (that even the not so developed countries like Cambodia has).  And the saddest is that the local … [Read more…]

Fish & BBQ

I find that no fish takes to the BBQ as well as a salmon fillet. The salmon is so easy to cook.. it thrives so good on marinade and just about everyone who loves fish would love it. But some people make this common mistake by overcooking them. So be careful to remove it from … [Read more…]

The Kitchen Plan

As someone who loves to eat, the first thing i had to do when i first bought our house was to change the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.  You know how when cooking with big pots and pans.. or if you need to wash huge steaming pots when you make “bak chang”, a retractable … [Read more…]

Organic Carrots

These are organic carrots that my in-laws grow in their garden. No pesticides.. and guaranteed organic. I think they sell them for $1.50 a bunch.. and they are extremely sweet.. very different from the ones we get in the grocery stores. My in-laws indulges me.. and my fascination for organic food and any other things. … [Read more…]

Herbal Chicken Soup In Slow Cooker

This herbal chicken soup was cooked in the slow cooker for about 3.5hrs.. and i think i might just have perfected it.  The package of herbs came all the way from Malaysia.. from a wonderful blogging friend .. Barb from, who wanted me to cook something nourishing for myself after my surgeries.   When … [Read more…]

Home Made Baklava

Tired of eating bad Baklava.. i’ve decided to follow the recipe i had gotten from our local grocery store. I’ll be posting up the recipe very soon. Check back later. Updated: This recipe is great for people like me who is diabetic . .by using Fruit and nuts .. but you can use less honey … [Read more…]

Health Products

Eating right is a good way to staying healthy but using the right products for our health is just as important.  Johnson & Johnson is no stranger to anyone.  My mother used to tell us when we were kids.. that she only buys the best for us.. and that is Johnson & Johnson’s lotions and … [Read more…]

Diabetes Friendly Dessert

Being a diabetic is no fun.  One feels like you cannot eat anything.. and for dessert.. you probably is like me..  “forget it” .. when it comes to dessert right..?? Well.. here is a cool.. and creamy plus fruity dessert that is diabetes friendly. 2 cups of Frozen Strawberries, thawed 3/4 cup thawed cool whip … [Read more…]


I love cheesecakes..but not just any kind of cheese cakes. The plain ones like this one is my favorite but strawberry cheesecake is not too bad either. But if you know me by now.. you know i can’t eat too much sweet stuf.. and that’s not because i’m diabetic. I just don’t like eating alot … [Read more…]

Mama’s Little Helper

Yes..!! she is the best helper..and yes..! i do believe in letting your kids help.. because it is a wonderful way of bonding. Unlike my mom.. she doesn’t want us to dirty her kitchen … i was kinda hurt at that time. So that is why i think it is always good to start them … [Read more…]

Nissin Noodles

A customer of ours.. who was going up to the city, kindly picked this up for me .. and i’m forever grateful. Harold is a new customer at our store. He came in for some computer repair work to be done .. and as soon as he said .. he was going up to Halifax.. … [Read more…]


The act of drawing out naturally occurring sugars in certain foods.. like onions .. and fruits..  is by cooking them very slowly over a very low heat.  And what does one get..??  A sweeter and nuttier flavor that takes on a deep brown coloring.  Awesome..!!

Restaurant Reviews

I have a few restaurant reviews ..that i am so late with .. but i will be updating on that really soon.  So don’t you go thinking.. that poor me… not getting to enjoy outside food at all. .because it’s not true.. but i’m still not up to it to sit too, too long in … [Read more…]

Organic Raspberries

Organic raspberries from the in-laws garden…! see how huge they are..??!!!?? yup..!! really yummy..!! the kid couldn’t wait to get home to gobble them down.. but she already had corn .. peas.. blueberries.. all organic.. if you must know.. so we didn’t let her. And of course she had to protest and said… “but these … [Read more…]