I love cheesecakes..but not just any kind of cheese cakes. The plain ones like this one is my favorite but strawberry cheesecake is not too bad either. But if you know me by now.. you know i can’t eat too much sweet stuf.. and that’s not because i’m diabetic. I just don’t like eating alot of sweet stuff. A cake like this will last me 3 days. Hehehe!! donch laugh at me now.. when you get as old as I.. you kinda have to watch it too.

The man of course is a different story.. he eats anything chocolaty and rich..!! the richer the better. This is a mini boston cream pie. He said it was good.. but i didn’t wanna try it. Of course the daughter is like him. .. and eats anything with chocolate.

Next a restaurant review…  Pizza Delight.  Check this out again.


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