This herbal chicken soup was cooked in the slow cooker for about 3.5hrs.. and i think i might just have perfected it.  The package of herbs came all the way from Malaysia.. from a wonderful blogging friend .. Barb from, who wanted me to cook something nourishing for myself after my surgeries.   When i cooked it the first time.. i didn’t put anything extra into it.. and followed the instructions exactly.  The soup didn’t turned out as tasty.

So the second time.. i decided to try slow cooking it for 5hrs with red dates and wolfberries.  This time it tasted better.. but the chicken was pretty much hard. .and tasteless.  But the soup tasted alot better… so this was good.

The third time i tried slow cooking it for 3.5hrs.. and besides the package from the herbal soup mix.. i added as usual.. wolfberries, red dates and some longan.  Now this was absolutely perfect.  The chicken was still edible.. and the soup was alot sweeter because of the longan.. and it didn’t dry up as much as far as the soup was concern.  So yes.. a perfect pot of soup. .with very little work.


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