Yes..!! she is the best helper..and yes..! i do believe in letting your kids help.. because it is a wonderful way of bonding. Unlike my mom.. she doesn’t want us to dirty her kitchen … i was kinda hurt at that time. So that is why i think it is always good to start them young.. to get them to help you .. even though we all know it is not really helping. But if she wants.. she can do it.. and not deprive her right..??

See how happy she was..?? yes.. you can do that too.. but just keep emphasizing how hot the stove is.. from the very beginning.

Do you know what the brat is cooking..?? make a guess eh.


  1. My guess …braised dark soy sauce pork!
    Chloe looks so grown up and tall in this picture!

    Just curious, how many blogs are u maintaining now? I’ve a hard time keeping track of where you are blogging already!! 😆

  2. Angeleyes

    wah… so envy!!!! Now mommy can sit back and relax and wait for her meals to be served by little princess hor?

  3. chloe DOES look so grown up and with such beautiful skin! She’s a real darling and what a great little momma’s helper.

  4. Oh, Chloe’s super cute and she looks so proud and happy to be able to be mummy’s helper. The pot looks quite dark, can’t really see what she’s cooking but it must be something that she loves to eat, right?

  5. xbabiex

    hmm some kind of veggie or meat in there?
    it’s great to let Chloe help u that way she’ll learn 🙂

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