A customer of ours.. who was going up to the city, kindly picked this up for me .. and i’m forever grateful. Harold is a new customer at our store. He came in for some computer repair work to be done .. and as soon as he said .. he was going up to Halifax.. i jumped right up.. and asked him if he would picked up some Chinese noodles for my kid. For she loves it so much.. and misses them.. because we are unable to go up to the city due to my operation a month and a half ago. A whole box of Nissan beef noodles as you can see here.. and more stuff.

Being so far away from home, the spouse, the in laws, the aunt, the babysitter and her parents and even my kid’s godma would try to get food from home for me.. whenever they are up in the city. Our good friend.. Gerald Leblanc too never fail to get Chinese food for me. .whenever he goes up. Without these kind ppl.. i don’t know how i would survived in Yarmouth. But of course, we must not forget my wonderful blogging friends.. who sends me food all the way from Malaysia, Singapore, United States and even those who are on business trip to Canada.. would hunt for food for me.. and mail them to me.. like wonderful, wonderful .. Vien.. and Greenapple from the States who never fail to get me moon cake every year. The latest package was from Barb who had to rope in her MIL to bring them back for me.. from Malaysia.. to Toronto.. and then mailed it to me. .by her BIL… all because she wants me to have something good to eat after my operation. Their kindness has taken my breath away . .many a times.. and yes.. there are wonderful ppl out there.. and God bless you all..!!! and because of all of your effort.. you have made my stay in Yarmouth less lonely .. and less homesick. Thank you once again.


  1. That’s a lot of instant noodle! Have you tried the new indo mee flavors? We found Pedas and Rendang flavors in the grocery aisle. Belle is hooked on Indo Mee (original flavor) now..hehe..

  2. Angeleyes

    My SIL also stock up on Nissin whenever they go to the Chinese grocer in the city. I think I bought these when I was there too.

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