It is sad when you are in another country and can’t get the food that you are used to.  But it’s even sadder when you can’t get the treats too, like my rum and raisin from Haagen Dazs (that even the not so developed countries like Cambodia has).  And the saddest is that the local grocery stores do carry the Haagen Dazs brand, but not the Rum & Raisin flavor.  Now who doesn’t love the rum and raisin, right?  Holy! I can’t get enough of it.

But for the last 8 years in Canada I can’t find it in Yarmouth at all.  Sad  eh?  Well, I’m throwing the ball into our local grocery stores court by leaving a note with my name card on it and hoping against all hope that he will come thru’ for me, finally.  So I wait.  Today I left the note for him, I had wanted to speak with him personally but every time I see him in the local store he never ever made eye contact with me.  Yup! Very sad!  But since he got me the Udon that ran outta stock a few weeks ago I’m inclined to give him another chance to earn more brownie points.  So we’ll see eh?  This is Canada after all, not a third world country.


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