Cup of Fruits

Fruits are darn expensive here.. so whenever any goes on sale.. even these cups ones .. which are originally at $1.69 a cup .. i still grabbed them…  but like all Asians.. we loved our fruits fresh… and these are way too sweet. .and hard to finish.  But fruits are definitely better than chips or … [Read more…]

A Celebration

My best friend just wrote to me about celebrating the birthday of the great grandmother in a hotel and since she was 102 yrs old, the local newspaper covered the story of their 4 generations living under the same roof.  Yes.. ! it’s true!  the hotel was excellent .. because they had invited a lot … [Read more…]


For someone who never liked sweet stuff .. and also since I’ve been diabetic.. i had been stuffing myself silly with chocolates after my surgeries.  I think it’s because of the ice crunching, since i don’t crunch ice no more, i am getting bored or something…???  I know it doesn’t make sense..  but it’s happening.  … [Read more…]

Healthier Mini Muffins

These muffins are mini size and we had bought it for my daughter.. to bring to school for her break time at about 10am.  Knowing she won’t be able to finish a whole regular muffin, we found that this alternative was a really good one.  They are said to be the healthier version of muffins. … [Read more…]

Eating An Asian Culture

For those who are not aware of this.. the Asians love to eat .. not because of eating.. but because of the bonding and the close knitted family notion .. that everything needs to be seated down and talked about.  A huge grand discussion is what the grammies and grampies love to see.  The celebrated … [Read more…]


Good ole Wendy’s.  When we first had Wendy’s in Singapore, everyone was rushing into this fast food chain.  I was 16 then.. but i still liked Macdonalds alot but i didn’t mind Wendy’s chilli.  Now some 30 years later, in the other side of the world now – Canada, i still feel the same as … [Read more…]

Sobeys Update

Well.. the local Sobeys did call to “double” inform me of the ice cream thing .. but they got a clerk in the office to call .. just to inform me.  No professionalism .. or ownership at all.. in my humble opinion.  Disappointed ..?? yes.. ! but i’m not gonna let it bother me but … [Read more…]

Home Made Curry Chicken

Home made curry chicken .. from home.. and very potent.  It is so easy.. even I can cooked it.  And i have my blogging buddy to thank..! Barb from ChumsyAshley sent them to me.. before my surgeries and i was able to cook it a few days ago.  It was not only awesome..!! it was … [Read more…]

Maple Cookie

Found some really pretty maple leave cookies at the local grocery store.  Every now and then. .they do come up with something really cute.. and colorful.  But this maple cookie definitely tasted like maple syrup.. but that’s to be expected right.  We could smell maple syrup .. even without opening it.  No special occassion when … [Read more…]