These muffins are mini size and we had bought it for my daughter.. to bring to school for her break time at about 10am.  Knowing she won’t be able to finish a whole regular muffin, we found that this alternative was a really good one.  They are said to be the healthier version of muffins. Made by our local grocery store brand – Compliments Junior.  These muffins are source of Omega 3 Polyunsaturates and has no trans fat.  Approved by the Heart and Stroke foundation.  At about 12 mini muffins for $2.55 .. it’s not too bad but even if they were more expensive .. i would have bought it too.. because they were the “good” stuff.. if you know what i mean.


  1. jenny nicole

    going through your food entries i noticed alot of your foods remind me of the past with my parents. I remember wanting these once upon a time and my mother told me ‘we chinese people do not eat stuff like this, bad for you, makes you fat and chinese don’t likeee fat’. i was 9 or 10. laughing extrmemely hard thinking about it again lol.but your daughter is very lucky to have a more americanized mother like you =D. But i am very thankful to my mother now from the discipline since young. Do you ever get the ‘no western food’ rule from your parents when you were little mama bok???

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