Well.. i did get a reply from our “friendly” grocery store, in fact one of the biggest in Atlantic Canada.   If you don’t know what i’m going on about.. i wrote that i missed my rum and raisin ice cream from Haagen Dazs and since our local grocery do carry Haagen Dazs, i had written an open letter .. to customer service and to cc a copy to Mr Jason Potter – Operations President of the Atlantic Stores.

Below is the reply I had gotten yesterday and to say that i’m disappointed is an understatement.  Not only is “Ann” who doesn’t have a designation said that they are not carrying it.. but even if they do.. in the future.. they will have to consider listing it.   And I thought Sobeys was very into “customer service “.. and will go beyond and above their call of duty . But nope.. i was proven wrong.

Oh well..!!  i am gonna send a hard copy of my request again to Mr Potter, to let him know that this is the way .. “Ann” does her best for customer service, so he will know how i feel.   In the meantime, I think I will switch and support some other stores instead.. like Walmart.. or my friendly neighbourhood meat market.


Hi Jan

Thank you for taking the time to write. Unfortunately this item is not available in Canada. Should it become available we will consider listing it at that time.


Customer Name:  Jan Killam
Customer Email: bokchoibaby@gmail.com
Customer Phone: 1-902-7422287
Store:  Sobeys
Subject:        [Sobeys.com – Customer Inquiry]
Category:       request a new product

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