Good ole Wendy’s.  When we first had Wendy’s in Singapore, everyone was rushing into this fast food chain.  I was 16 then.. but i still liked Macdonalds alot but i didn’t mind Wendy’s chilli.  Now some 30 years later, in the other side of the world now – Canada, i still feel the same as i did.  Wendy’s didn’t change a wee bit.. even when they are in another continent.

Wendy’s was relatively cheaper than Macdonald’s and less aggravating..!! we were able to get our food within minutes.. unlike the local Macdonald’s that made us wait for 25 mins for our fish burger (but that’s for another story and another day).  If it wasn’t because of our lil’ brat.. we won’t eat in any fast food chain, but you see she only started to eat chicken nuggets.. and we wanted to tell her it’s ok.. to eat some chicken… she doesn’t like meat.

This is the kid’s meal at Wendy’s, they had fries, nuggets and milk in the meal.

Truth be told, i still prefer Macdonald’s, Wendy’s burger is so-so.


Fries & nuggets, we couldn’t eat the fries at all. It was bad..!


  1. ladyironchef

    Singapore had wendy before? but it’s not very good eh? woo, mcdonald wait for 25min? aren’t they suppose to be “fast” food? haha

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