Gem Of Life Episode 10 With Halloween Treats

Guess what we were doing .. while watching Gem of Life Episode 10 today…?? Yes..!! preparing treat bags for my kid’s school.  27 children.. !! for 2 classes.  One the French Immersion class that my kid is in.. and one for the English class, 27 Kids altogether. This is our first year .. preparing treats … [Read more…]

Baby Watermelon

These watermelons were half the size of a normal watermelon.  I was certainly intrigue by the size of it.. and amused that they were for sale.  Well.. until i saw the price of the baby watermelons.  You guess how much..?? Yes..!!!  $4.49 !!!!  it insane.. eh..!! and product of USA ..!!  oh well..what can i … [Read more…]

Last One Standing Ep 22 Final Episode and Some Serious Snacking

I told yer.. we are really serious about snacking when watching our chinese tvb series and right now.. we just finished watching Last One Standing Episode 22 (final) ..!! really awesome..!!  and yes.. i kid you not. .we ate these..!! and in preparation for the final two episodes.. we bought like $13 of snacks.. muahahaha!!!  … [Read more…]

Snacks With Last One Standing Ep 20

I love watching TVB series and can’t get enough of it.  I’m currently watching Last One Standing Ep 20 and I was just thinking.. how many of you are like me.. and cannot watch a show without any snacks..?? I need to munch on something. .and usually it is a rice crisp crackers and some … [Read more…]

BBQ & Christening

We had been so busy this summer.. and haven’t really had a good BBQ yet.  Tomorrow.. is the baptism of our babysitter’s niece Ciarra..and we were invited of course.. and for the follow up BBQ.. that i had insisted that Phil do .. if he wanted us to go.. kekekeke!! I know the big kid.. … [Read more…]


I’ve been to so many restaurants all over the world and know that different restaurants have different concepts of what they want to bring to their customers.  I know of one place in Asia where the restaurant seating was not the most comfortable because they didn’t want their customers to hang around too long.  Since … [Read more…]

Onion Rings

We have been craving for onions rings for a few days now. .but the pizza place beside our store.. didn’t have any for at least 2 days.  Now where got meaning right..?? pizza/fast food place got no onion rings..!!  anyhow.. we finally got to eat them on Saturday.. and yes. .it is one of the … [Read more…]