Yes..! the Ethiopians do eat too..  hhahaha!! that was the joke my boss had made.. when we were on a work trip there. And surprising it was pretty good too. It was certainly worth a try when you are in Las Vegas.. as it was quite near to the las vegas hotel that we were staying in at that time.  Plus it was super cheap, I did’t pay for it. but the boss had joked that we should eat here more often.. hahahha!!  But the cajun food was pretty good too.  If you haven’t tried any of it.. you should.


  1. Mimi

    Yes, Ethiopian have the best dishes of any of the old countries …

    Yes, they eat too. The funny part is American will soon immigrate to Ethiopia. You know where the economy is heading now …

    Anyways, list of Ethiopian restaurants are found at the Ethiopian Portal website:

    The restaurants link is found at the top right corner of the site.

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