And here i thought i could watch Gem of Life Episode 7 with my favorite mushroom soup.  If anyone out there don’t know this yet.  My favourite soup is mushroom soup.  Wherever i go .. and whatever country i am in.. i would ask for mushroom soup.  I could tell whether my meal was gonna be good or not.. just by trying the mushroom soup from a restaurant or a cafe.  Nothing makes me happier .. than having a great bowl of mushroom soup.. and i don’t even care if it cost me $10 a bowl.  That is how crazy i am about my mushroom soup.

So when the gals.. at my favorite Tim Hortons .. told me they were having Mushroom soup for the whole week.. i was very, very excited..!! because good ole Tim’s usually have good mushroom soup.  I wouldn’t say they are great.. but good..  and good is good enough by me… afterall, we are in Yarmouth, yer know..!!

But as you can see.. i was disappointed.. !!!  i have no idea.. how can soup turn into curd..???  like this..?? too thick..?? too cold..?? or what is it..??   Of course .. i got to watch my Gem of Life Episode 7 but you can see i wasn’t a very happy camper..!!  Booohoohoo..!!!  i just want a good mushroom soup.. is it too hard..??  I’m really sad lor..!   Plus i didn’t wanna complain .. because the gals at Tim’s are always nice to me .. and my brat.  So pray tell .. what i should do.. ?? for a good bowl of mushroom soup.  Nope .. i don’t want canned ones.. thank you very much.


  1. Oh my, for a moment I thought you were having mocha ice cream from Haagen Dazs…gosh, how could mushroom soup be like that??!!
    Poor you!!! It must be really a spoiler, just when you are getting comfortable to watch your series…yikes!!

    Sorry though, I am no cook, can’t offer any tips, but a hug for your sorrow and disappointment for this mushroom soup?:)

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