Yes.. ! i’m watching Gem of Life Episode 1 and you can imagine .. how much snacks I will have to prepare this time.. muahhahaa!! with 80 episodes.. *pengshan* ..!!  The man said.. i better start liking carrot sticks a lot.. else i will surely put on loads of weight.. muahahhaa!!  But wait.. i read somewhere.. that you can add peanut butter on your carrot sticks.. yum yum..!! now that makes it a lot more bearable eh..?? Wait a min..!! i got Laska today from Aunt Helena.. maybe can eat that too.. for midnite snacks.. but gotta be only for weekends.. afterall .. you and i know .. that cooking Laksa is a big job.  Well… if you wanna watch Gem of Life Episode 1 and Episode 2.. just hop over to my entertainment blog for it.. if you want links to download.. like some people like.. then leave me a comment eh.. i’ll send you the link.

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