Guess what we were doing .. while watching Gem of Life Episode 10 today…?? Yes..!! preparing treat bags for my kid’s school.  27 children.. !! for 2 classes.  One the French Immersion class that my kid is in.. and one for the English class, 27 Kids altogether.

This is our first year .. preparing treats for 27 children.. and we wanted to participate in all my kid’s school event.. so are treat bags we bought from Dollar Store .. and we had chocolates, lollipops.. rice crispies.. and more chocolates in the bags.

I packed the treats in .. while watching Gem of Life Episode 10, while the spouse tie the bags up with tiny invisible holders.  Nah..! i never do things alone.. i rope in the spouse.. and people who complains that their spouses donch help.. well..  you have to make them useful. .and feel useful too.  Make sure .. they know.. how great it is.. that they are participating in your kid’s life, be it big or small.


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