We have been craving for onions rings for a few days now. .but the pizza place beside our store.. didn’t have any for at least 2 days.  Now where got meaning right..?? pizza/fast food place got no onion rings..!!  anyhow.. we finally got to eat them on Saturday.. and yes. .it is one of the best .. that we’ve had eaten for the longest time.  Yummy..!!!  this one isn’t too oily either.  For those of you who don’t know this.. onion rings has gotta be eaten immediately… as soon as they get outta the fryer.  Any delay.. would only make the onion rings hard.. and soggy.

Unfortunately, we all know that we can’t eat this everyday .. because it is just not healthy.  Luckily, the daughter is not very much into it either but that’s absolutely fine with us.

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