We do strived to eat healthy .. most times.. but how often can one eat Subway right..?? plus i might as well make my own sandwiches.. which is a lot cheaper.. if i wanted some  bread and meat.. lots cheaper.  This was a subway meatball sandwich, in it.. was only 2 meatballs.. because the man had asked for less mess .. and they even didn’t give me any sauce for it.. *sigh*.  Lots of vegies though.. but if i had wanted a vegie sandwich.. you would think i would have ordered one right.

See .. ! here you could hardly even see the meatballs.. because they were TINY..!!!

Yesterday.. the man had asked for meatballs again.. and guess what..?? this time.. meatballs don’t come with gravy anymore.. you have to choose from BBQ sauce .. Mariana sauce.. or you can have it plain .. just plain meatballs with ketchup.. *slap forehead* .. ! no more subway meatballs for me.. that’s for sure.

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