We knew that there was a farmer’s market in town..and we never got around to going during the weekned.. because we didn’t know what time they start nor end.  We also didn’t know.. how a small tent like the ones they had out at the Canadian Tire carpark could house and organised a farmers’ market.  But after yesterday.. we finally understood.

There really wasn’t very much store holders – less than 10 .. and no one really decorated their stand .. or anything.  It was like the fish market back home where i come from… except it didn’t smell like fish.  The first store we went to .. sold jams.. and bread without preservatives.. nor sugar.  She had some pie, i don’t know what they are.. because she was too busy.. with packing up some jams for her customer.

Jams for tasting i guess..??

There was a fruit and vegie stand by a couple, the wife is a philipino and the husband from here.  I had spoken to her a few times.. but never really in-dept kinda conversation.  They grow their own fruits and vegies.. and I would have bought some plums .. if not for the fact that they sold the last one in front of us.

Some very nice and crisp looking apples.

Organic Carrots..??  i love anything organic.. they really do taste so much better.

Free range chicken.. !! woohoo..!! but he only had one baked chicken displayed .. and most of it .. were torn out of the displayed one.  Maybe, another time.. when we do come earlier.  We were there like maybe 10am.

More home made bread.. but we never got to speak to the store holder.

And this tent cost the town $7500 !!! yes..!!! the people from Canadian tire fought for this tent to be sponsored by the town.  And if you had seen what i saw on Saturday.. the Farmers’ Market in Yarmouth.. is not only not as vibrant as the ones I had been too.. many a times .. in Sydney .. but really a waste of my time.


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