When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Episode 22 & Curry Laksa

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Episode 22< is up for downloads and watching.  But in the meantime, I want to show you the wonderful bowl of curry laksa i had last nite with my tvb shows.  And guess who sent me this..?? yes..!!! Good ole .. Barbara.. from ChumsyAshley.com .. what an ... [Read more…]

Grill Burger Bacon Cheddar @ DQ

Does all burger taste the same..??  no .. not really..! i like those from Macdonalds… the man love those from Wendys .. well preferably Arby’s .. but since we don’t have an Arby’s here..  he has no choice.  The babysitter love DQ.. so you can guess whose burger this is. Looking rather plain.. but certainly … [Read more…]

Gem Of Life Episode 24 & Some Fruit Cakes For The Season

I just watched Gem of Life Episode 24 and yes.. i hear you asking .. what has Fruit cakes gotta do with it.  Well.. plenty .. you know me.. i can’t watch a show without eating something.. and here i went.. going ga-ga.. seeing the fruit cake.. but guess what..??  it was so disappointing.. i … [Read more…]

Gem Of Life Episode 17 & Dinner By The Man

The man made dinner while i look for Gem of Life Episode 17 to watch.  Some brocolli salad with rasins and onions and instant mashed potatoes and some chicken wings.  Too bad he had forgotten to buy more chicken today.. because i could really use some for noodles tomorrow.  Oh well..! it’s Remembrance day tomorrow.. … [Read more…]