Gem Of Life Episode 20 is ready to watch somewhere on the internet.  Have fun and enjoy..!! while i look for something to eat to enjoy it with… kekke!! i can’t watch a good show.. without having something good to eat le.. 🙂 what about you ..??  Not quite the weekend yet.. but still it’s always good to have a good breakfast.  It’s about 8.47am here.

You probably think i like this bread very much.. and yer right.  I eat it almost everyday.  It’s walnut and raisn bread.  Yummy..!!


  1. jenny wong

    what the white stuff on the bread its looks like imitation crab but nonetheless its looks gooood.

    They called it Seafood salad here..but yes.. imitation crab it was.. with mayo.. 🙂 Beggars cannot be choosers lor.. nothing like food in Asia..for sure.

  2. Lee

    Where did you get the walnut and raisin bread? I’m so craving for that!
    Don’t think I can find it in Nofrills nor Price Chopper

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