Gem Of Life Episode 23 is ready to watch soon.. but I’m posting some kid’s party food up for you to enjoy soon.  As parents.. coordinating a birthday party can be really stressful.  My kid and I just attended a party at Jungle Jim’s this weekend.. and would like to share them with you .. and tell you the pros and cons of having the birthday at Jungle Jim’s. Stay tune.. i’ll be right back.

Jungle jim’s Jungle Cheesesteak loaded with fries.. that i couldn’t eat.  But I guess most Canadians would love the fries thing.. it is prolly not an asian thing.  I’m sure you all know I will never waste my calories.. if i can helped it.  So how was the cheesesteak..?? pretty good in fact. .the beef were soft.. and the bread or the french toast was just soaky enough.  The fries was so-so.. and the coleslaw had a funny taste to it.  But it was overall good.  I liked it.  At $11.99 + taxes .. its not actually that cheap.. but the service was great and I’ll have to specially mentioned this young man at Jungle Jim’s.

This young man.. i met him.. a few months ago.. after my operation. .and then i went out of commission.. because i needed to get rested.  I didn’t forget him.. and a few weeks ago.. i saw him again.  And again.. a few days ago.  Any food blogger would know that the wait staff plays a very important part in whether you would go back to a restaurant or not right..?  And this young man.. in another few years.. i know that he will be someone in the service industry.. if he chooses to continue because he has the right attitude.. and he certainly have the flair.  Efficient.. and friendly.. plus genuinely warm.  I cannot say a lot about other restaurant service staff.. but if this young man were to travel to asia.. and decide to join a hotel industry.. i know he will go far.  Plus the Asian gals would be swarming around him.  This picture was taken a few months ago, he looks a lot more fitter now.. and more confident this time round.

This was what my brat had for the birthday party held at Jungle Jim’s.. but as you can see .. my brat is weird, she refused to eat the curly fries. .because she insisted that they were onion rings.  And of course .. she didn’t eat the chicken nuggets either.  What a waste of good food right..? well .. i tried the nuggets.. and they didn’t taste like the ones we were used to.. so i guess .. maybe that’s the reason..??  Nevertheless.. the rest of the kids eat all their stuff.  But Jungle Jim’s should prolly go easy on the fries..?? no..??

This was what the man had .. while waiting for the kid to finish the birthday party.  This was rings and nuggets .. and it cost like $10.99.. pretty ex lor.. if you asked me.  3 pieces of nuggets and some fries.. but they were good.. so that’s all that matters right. Overall, we always enjoy Jungle Jim’s .. and recommend it.


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