I just watched Gem of Life Episode 24 and yes.. i hear you asking .. what has Fruit cakes gotta do with it.  Well.. plenty .. you know me.. i can’t watch a show without eating something.. and here i went.. going ga-ga.. seeing the fruit cake.. but guess what..??  it was so disappointing.. i wanna cry.. boohoohoo..!!! it was so dry.. i was gonna choke on it.  And you know how we foodies are right..?? we look forward to eating it .. the whole day.. and watching my favorite show.. and then.. BAM..!! can’t eat it….!!! because it’s way too dry.. and i ain’t wasting my calories..1! ellooooo..!!!!  So yes.. disappointed..!! bummer.. !!!


  1. bunessa

    i love eating when i’m watching something.. i gained so much weight =[

    mama bok you really know fruit cake don’t you!

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