Gem Of Life Episode 29 is available on the net according to what i know.. from the uploader.  While I am waiting to watch this .. i’m also looking at these sandwiches being made at our local grocery store.  Making sandwiches for the masses.. i called it.

I love the way they make their sandwiches.. and it is good.. especially like the other day.. we were in the hospital for 6 hrs.. and had to get food.  But i wished it wasn’t so cold.. but they do have a microwave there.. but the man had forgotten that i don’t like cold sandwiches.

I think we pay like $4 for sandwiches like that.. or a little more.. depending on what is inside.  But you see if we made them at home.. it wouldn’t even cost nearly as much.  But we do pay for convenience.. and after moving to Canada.. i think i am more conscious about the cost of food here.. than back home.  The same food back home.. for lunch cost a lot less.. and of course we have so many varieties to choose from.. cafe or food & beverage establishment need to be competitive, wherelse here .. it’s mainly Sobeys, Superstore, Subway.. or your local gas stations that has the same sandwiches.


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