Does all burger taste the same..??  no .. not really..! i like those from Macdonalds… the man love those from Wendys .. well preferably Arby’s .. but since we don’t have an Arby’s here..  he has no choice.  The babysitter love DQ.. so you can guess whose burger this is.

Looking rather plain.. but certainly bigger than the ones from Mickey D or Wendy’s.

Looks like someone likes mustard.. and the pattie does look alot juicier than the rest of the fast food restaurant.  But whats the verdict of the taste..?? so – so .. she said.  And she didn’t get back the right change either.. was 2 bucks short.  The QC of the food at DQ varies from who is working and who is cooking, sometimes.. i do get a good hotdog.. but others.. it’s horrid.  So if you get the right person doing your hotdogs and burgers.. perhaps it is alright to eat there.. but otherwise, well.. you are gonna be disappointed like i was .. a few times now.  And you all know I never waste my calories.


  1. i have to say… good burgers i can find currently is in hero burger. its not really fast fast food. but i havn’t went to a burger joint that the burger actually have meat juice in it. a lot of them had popped up in GTA recently. if your from that area… its a must try..

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