Watching When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Episode 11 & eating this sambal scallops with noodles is the heavenliest thing any food blogger can do .. especially one that had been away from home for 8 yrs 9 months.  You cannot imagine.. how grateful i am to blogger friend turn into buddy .. Barbara from Chumsy Ashley for sending this packet of Sambal Tumis to me .. even before i went for my huge operation in June.  Good and real friends are so hard to find in real life.. moreover this one is around the other side of the world..  and doing it for me.. for nothing in return… and expecting nothing in return.  What a kind person right..??  Those who needs real friends .. must hop over to her blog.  Barbara is located in Malaysia, so if you are visiting Malaysia anytime soon, you should give Barbara a shout.

The scallops were on sale a few days ago, at the local grocery stores.  As you all know.. eating this amount of scallops in any restaurants or fast food places.. would probably cost one at least a small fortune.  But i bought these for less than $6 .. now that’s a steal right..?  The minute i saw it .. i knew i had to cook it with some Sambal Tumis that Barbara had sent me.. a few months ago.. and i had kept it like a precious pack of gem.

Glorious looking scallops eh.

Well.. the highlight of the dish isn’t the scallops.. truth be told.. but the sambal.. muhahah!!  imagine .. not having it for so long.  Ahhh..!! glorious moments.. that i told the spouse.. i have to take down.

Look at all those yummy looking sambal.. being mixed into those glorious looking scallops.  Yum.. !! yum..!!!  I was already salivating.. when i was cooking it.

Every last drop had to come out.. i wasn’t gonna waste any eh.

Lots of sambal in this small packet .. and really worth it.  The smell was already pretty strong by now.  And pretty simple to cook too.  I didn’t marinate the scallops or even roll them onto some flour as advice by some cook show… i just wanted to taste the scallop.

Here it is.. everything from the package is out.. and i am stirring it.  I first put some olive oil.. and then added some minced garlic.. put in the scallops after the garlic were stir fried for a few minutes.  when the scallops turned a little white.. i poured in the whole packet of sambal tumis sent by Barbara from Malaysia.. which can be kept for months.  And after a few more mins.. it’s all done.  No seasoning required.. nothing.

So yes.. the final moments.. and the taste..??  yummlicious of course..!! i couldn’t finish it of course.. and had to store it for the next day.  These days. .i can’t eat as much as i want to.  Thanks to Barb again..!! for the sambal tumis.. else i won’t be enjoying my Gems of Life Episode 16 & 17 too.


  1. *blush*

    aiyo….so paiseh 😀 you have also done so much for me, my friend 😉 hey, do you know that i have never tried this sambal tumis before? boy, the scallops you got are really huge. looks delicious *yum yum*

  2. Eunice Wong

    i m so enjoy reading recipe and the food picture…
    scallop is one of my favorite food. hope i can try this at home.
    tell u next time when i really cook it.
    it looks yummy.
    Nice day ya….

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