Wi-Fi In McDonalds

Having Wi-fi in most Mcdonalds around the world is definitely not a huge deal to anyone.  But here in small town Yarmouth, now that was a pleasant surprised.  In fact, a few of the restaurants here already have Wi-Fi .. like the Pizza Delight and even Jungle Jims but I never thought that I would … [Read more…]

Charity Event

Menu of Hope is the pet project every year by food blogger .. Chez Pim, who raised money thru’ her blog and many generous sponsors.. and more generous people buying a raffle for I think just $5.  Had i remembered earlier, I would definitely had participated in it actively, but i was doing my fund … [Read more…]

Fruit Cake Hunting

So you wanna know what happened to my fruit cake hunting eh..?? yes .. I didn managed to return the last one.. and got another one from another store in town.  Like i tell everyone.. i’m not gonna waste my calories on bad food.. plus I’m diabetic.. so i have to be very careful what … [Read more…]

Iron Stomach ?

Kam Do Mixed Grill from John Chow on Vimeo. I just came over from John Chow’s blog.. and as a Canadian resident.. but on the other far side.. you can imagine.. how i’ve always envied that he can get all kinds of asian food.  So yes.. i visit mostly because of his “Pho” session.  Well.. … [Read more…]