Well.. you all know how it is.. while waiting to watch a show .. and currently downloading it.  Gem of Life Episode 50, should be a really interesting one.  I can’t wait to watch it.  But i’m sure you know where to go to watch online or get the link to download right.

So while it is being downloaded.. i made the kid and the man .. make some home made cookies from ready made cookie dough from the cookie dough boy.  It’s pretty easy .. as you can see. .and it certainly kept the kid busy and happy.

Priceless expression donch you think..?? i told the kid the oven was very hot.. and not to go near it.. and that explains the expression eh.


  1. jenny nicole

    ur daughter is so cuteee. She’s so lucky to have baked cookies with her daddy. I as an ABC with immigrant parents do not do these things as we don’t have an oven and they don’t like doing americanized stuff. i almost near my 20’s and have not baked cookies or cakes or used butter in my life. My mother do not like to keep any american stuff in the house. we eat traditional chinese foods like weird soups that have been boiled for extremely long hours and salt perserved fish. I’ve always wanted to bake cookies with my dad. Were the cookies good?

  2. bunessa

    keke she’s so adorable!!

    i’ve tried doughboy’s croissants…it didn’t taste too well…hopefully the chocolate chip cookie one tastes better!!

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