Yes.. currently on the quest to find the best fruit cake in or around town.  This year’s fruit cake was definitely disappointing.  A few weeks ago, i bought a fruit cake.. from our local supermarket.. and it was dryer than my face, so you can imagine how bad it was eh.

Anyhow.. i brought it back.. to the store.. and they graciously exchanged it for me.. but i had to pay the difference.. of 0.50 cents.. but no biggie.  But you would think they would have offered .. to waive it .. since i was inconvenienced right..??  nope.. !  And donch get me wrong.. i’m no cheap charlie.. but to me it would be great customer service.  Anyhow.. i was really hoping the new fruit cake would make a better choice.. because it had a layer of mazipan that i really liked.. when i was working in the banquet department back at home in the Mandarin Hotel.  I used to eat a lot of it during weddings.

But alas, i was again disappointed..  🙁  *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*  Well.. what can i say..?? bring it back..??  nah.. i won’t.  I am guessing this year’s fruit cake is not good at this local store.. so i’m gonna try other stores around town.  I’m on a quest in search for a good fruit cake.  Wish me luck.


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