Tong Sui For Chinese New Year

When you are where I am for Chinese New Year.. where there are less than 10 asians around your area.. the size of Singapore.. there is really nothing you can do for Chinese New Year.  if i asked my neighbours if they knew when Chinese New Year is .. they probably look at me..  as … [Read more…]

John Chow Can Eat !

I swear John Chow eats out as much as I did .. when i was traveling around the world.. with the hotel i worked for.  But of course mine were paid by company expenses, and for those who are not aware who John Chow is.. he is a pro-blogger from Vancouver.  I probably would be … [Read more…]

Honey & Lemon

I was having such a bad throat.. and my blogging buddy .. Barb told me about Honey with Lemon .. to soothe the throat.. and I’ll have to tell you … it works..!!!!  so if you ever get a sore throat.. or scratchy throat, try this.  Thanks .. Barb..!! yer a life-saver..!!