What’s Wrong With You .. Subway..??

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I am a pretty tolerant person – well usually.  I try not to sweat the small stuff.  But when you order a deli from your regular subway store..  and they either forget to give you the eggs in the “ham and egg deli sandwich” .. or forgets to toast the bread.. when you asked for it.  And the best part of all . . is not the above but when they apologized and tell you to come get another sandwich another day .. and you finally do it .. after like so many sandwich blunder .. they tell you.. they don’t have your sandwich on the notice board.. *slap forehead*.

Then you tell them.. that’s alright.. i’m no cheap charlie.. i can pay for my sandwich.. like $4 .. and you come back with something like that.. ??  now wouldn’t that upset you a wee bit..??

And then you take a look inside the sandwich.. and they didn’t even wrapped it up .. in a wrapping paper .. like the should.. instead just chucked.. the sandwich into a paper bag.. ??  now that was a little too much.. !  did i call and complain..??  nah .. ! what’s the point.. ?? just a waste of my time and breath… i just won’t eat at subway .. if i can help it.. that’s all.

Duck For CNY Ang Pow

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Canadian,Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,Useful Links | Friday 30 January 2009 2:24 am

It pays to be nice to the chinese restaurant owner.. for they always think of you .. during the festive season .. even though.. not many ppl in this town knows about it.  I had offered to collaborate with the high school here for the exchange students from Asia… to have a reunion dinner at the Chinese restaurant.. but the high school.. never returned my call till today.  I had spoken with the principal .. about it.. and he had enthusiastically told me.. that he will get the foreign student co-ordinator to contact me.. but nope .. nothing.  Guess they don’t really care about other ppl’s culture.. nor respect or is willing to show any kind of compassion for these foreign students who are so far away from home.. and paid tons of money to come here to student.

Anyhow, Mr Choo from New Century restaurant.. made a who duck for me.. and refused to take my money .. he said it was my CNY ang pow.. hahhahaha!! it was kinda funny..  because he even delivered the duck.. and make a commotion about not taking money from me.  The customers at our store.. was left staring at two crazy chinese.. talking in Cantonese.. and saying ..  “gong hei fatt choi, gong hei fatt choi” to each other..  ;).  He would be someone i would go into business with for sure.. and his brother was talking about  auto parts franchises, so we’ll see, we’ll see what the new year brings eh.

Tong Sui For Chinese New Year

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Chinese | Sunday 25 January 2009 11:43 pm

When you are where I am for Chinese New Year.. where there are less than 10 asians around your area.. the size of Singapore.. there is really nothing you can do for Chinese New Year.  if i asked my neighbours if they knew when Chinese New Year is .. they probably look at me..  as if i was speaking greek with them.

The brat is sick.. and so was I, I had wanted to get the Chinese restaurant to do a duck for me.. but since the brat was sick.. we had no babysitter.. she was sick too.. the only thing i did was this pot of tong sui.  I remember my mother used to make this. .on special occasions and Chinese New Year.  It’s easy.. and this time.. the longan i had was a superior quality.. and it’s awesome.. no need for any sugar at all.  Well.. beggars cannot be choosers hor.. so i make do lor.  Nope.. the man donch drink it.. neither would the brat.. so i probably have to bring some to Mr Choo from the Chinese restaurant and share it with him.


Housewarming Feast

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Entertainment,Meet Up With,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Sunday 25 January 2009 12:25 am

Housewarmings are great to go to .. because not only can you view other people’s houses ..  you get to eat a fine spread of food provided by the host.  I love how the westerners do their own food during their gatherings like this.. and they rope in their relatives and family to help them cook.  Well of course, besides food, the furniture.. the decor and even the bed frames of the new home for our friends is a must view because they have good taste.

A yummy affair and a night of chatting and the children playing together.

Posted by mamabok | Around The World | Saturday 24 January 2009 8:20 pm

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John Chow Can Eat !

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Awesome,Western | Monday 19 January 2009 2:46 am

I swear John Chow eats out as much as I did .. when i was traveling around the world.. with the hotel i worked for.  But of course mine were paid by company expenses, and for those who are not aware who John Chow is.. he is a pro-blogger from Vancouver.  I probably would be joining him for his makan sessions.. had i choose to live in Vancouver.. or find a man there.. instead of Nova Scotia. .muahahhahaha!!!  Well.. here’s John Chow’s recommendation of the Observatory .. at $38 for a 3 course meal with wine included..?? Yes.. i’ve been to the Observatory a couple of times. .and the service was excellent.

Dinner at Grouse Mountain from John Chow on Vimeo.

Sweetness In The Salt Episode 4

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Chinese,Condiments/Ingredients,Entertainment,Useful Links | Thursday 8 January 2009 3:24 am

Sweetness in the salt..??  hehehe!! how does one find sweetness in the salt i hear you asking.  Well.. it’s not a dish.. but it’s something we use everyday.  But don’t be fool.. because it’s the new tvb show I’m watching.. and it’s all about salt merchant.  Check out my entertainment blog for the next episode.

Honey & Lemon

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Sick Food,Useful Tips | Wednesday 7 January 2009 10:46 am

I was having such a bad throat.. and my blogging buddy .. Barb told me about Honey with Lemon .. to soothe the throat.. and I’ll have to tell you … it works..!!!!  so if you ever get a sore throat.. or scratchy throat, try this.  Thanks .. Barb..!! yer a life-saver..!!

Chinese Wedding Banquet

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Entertainment,Food From Home,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Friday 2 January 2009 5:46 pm

One of the things i missed most about home is getting wedding invites and attending the a chinese wedding banquet.   For those who are not aware of this.. the chinese wedding banquet is unlike the western wedding.. where you have a 3 course dinner.  The Chinese Wedding banquet consist of at least 9 course.. and sometimes .. 10… and every single dish has a meaning to it.. and very rich and expensive.  Depending on where you have the Chinese banquet, a table of 10 can cost up to $800 easily.  Whenever, I get an invitation, I try my best to go .. especially if i know the couple really well.  And the main reason why i loved Chinese banquet .. is because you can get to eat a lot of different dishes.. withouth worrying about ordering too much.  It’s fun to gather with friends.. and family .. because these weddings.. comes in table of 50 or even more.  What about you ..?? do you like chinese wedddings..??

The Chinese Eating Experience

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Around The World,Chinese,Entertainment,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Thursday 1 January 2009 7:48 pm

The chinese eating experience is definitely not different from the West, like the east, a lot of things are discussed during meal times.  In fact, i think parents uses this time wisely .. to find out things about their children.. be it a new girlfriend.. or school work and even those who are already working.

I know that my grandmother used to remind my grandfather about doing stuff during mealtimes.. like  getting his term life insurance quotes or what he needs to do with his banking and of course, during Chinese New Year to change some new money for the “ang pows”.  What about your family..??  do your family make use of this mealtimes .. to gather share information..??

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