Hum Choy Tofu Soup

I made hum choy tofu soup since i had gotten hold of some hum choy last week.  Nope.. we donch have this in our local grocery store.. and like i said before.. i need to drive 4hrs to Halifax to get this.. and another 4hrs home.  So you can imagine.. how i feel each time.. … [Read more…]

Hainanese Chicken Rice

If there is one thing the “ang moh” would eat .. is chicken rice from home.  When you can’t get the authentic ones.. you make do with the closest.. and Asian Home Gourmet is easy to prepare.  But you see, we can’t get it here.. we either have to go to the city.. or like … [Read more…]

Lotus Root

It is not easy for me to get lotus roots here in Nova Scotia.  I have to take a 4hrs car ride to the city.. to get some .. and even then.. the lotus roots look horrid.  If I order them. .and get a courier service to bring some chinese food down from the asian … [Read more…]

Sinful Fruits

Why sinful..?? look at what they put in their fruits.. just to get the “ang mohs” to eat fruits.  In all my years here.. i donch see many ppl craving for fruits like I do.   When the “ang mohs” eat salad.. they soak their salads with thousand island dressing.. and to them.. that’s as healthy … [Read more…]

In Keeping With Tradition

For those from Asia.. and living in the West, I am sure you can agree with me.. that we try very hard to hold on to our traditions.. and our cultural background.. for the sake of our children.  Sure I have been in the West for a long time.. but i refused to speak like … [Read more…]

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie like this can only be bought at the local grocery store.  I love the flaky pastry more than the meat inside and for about $3.99, this is definitely too much for me to stomach.  I only eat half of it at a time because it’s is filled to the brim with chicken … [Read more…]

Atlantic Salmon

Some things are cheap here.. while in Asia.. you can’t get it as cheap.  Of course, you can get the food like hom either.  Salmon like this .. goes on sale pretty often.  At $4.99 .. one can replicate and try to make sushi.. or a salmon bagel.  I used to love Salmon a lot… … [Read more…]

Good Food In Canada

Donch get me wrong.. there are good food in Canada.. as you can see on John Chow’s blog.. but just not where i am in Nova Scotia.. unfortunately.  The nearest Asian grocery store is 4 hours by car.  Yes.. you can take a 45mins flight at $150 one way… but that would be too expensive … [Read more…]

Fish & Onion Rings

There is really not much I must eat here.. but one has gotta eat right..?  The man eats just to stay alive .. and I won’t waste my calories.. on anything .. not good.  Fish and chips was what the man ordered the other day..  and as you can see .. he asked for onion … [Read more…]

Happy V-Day

Happy V-Day everyone! so what did you do .. or what are you planning to do on V-Day..??  The “ang moh” asked me if we Asians celebrate V-Day differently.. in which i stopped for a few seconds.. to think of how i spent V-day back home some 9 yrs ago.. before coming to Canada. So … [Read more…]

Food That Keeps Me Sane

Every now and then.. i need some food from home to keep me sane in this darn cold winter.  Do not be mistaken.. for winter here isn’t 3 months long.. but a good 6 months.. at the very least.   Summer goes so quick.. that you donch even know that Summer was here.   Every year.. as … [Read more…]

Blue Lobsters

I’m sure all of you have seen lobsters before.. but have you seen a blue lobsters..??  in the recent years.. here in Nova Scotia.. we’ve found some blue lobsters.. and why are they blue..??  they are born this way.. i heard.. it’s is some kind of pigmentation in the skin .. therefore it is this … [Read more…]

Golden Raspberries

Found some golden raspberries at the grocery store the other day.. and didn’t even think of buying it to try it.  We’ve tasted a lot of the normal raspberries .. because the spouse’s parents grow their own vegies and fruits.. and raspberries is one that the kid love most.  Today i went back to the … [Read more…]

Eating My Way To Branson

We all loved visiting Disney but having been there so many times, one has gotta find an alternative like Branson.  It is touted to be the best place for kids with all sorts of rides. It’s definitely a great place for a family vacation.  In terms of affordability there is a package to fit everyone’s … [Read more…]