If there is one thing the “ang moh” would eat .. is chicken rice from home.  When you can’t get the authentic ones.. you make do with the closest.. and Asian Home Gourmet is easy to prepare.  But you see, we can’t get it here.. we either have to go to the city.. or like this packet.. it came from a great blogging friend.  Thank you very much.  Of course, we already ate it and it was great.. but just enough for one meal .. for the 3 of us.

PS :  For your info, when “ang moh” went to Singapore to visit me .. for 5 weeks.. before i came home with him permanently, he would eat only chicken rice.. and satay.

So any kind soul outta the 10 thousands of visitors here everyday ..  would like to send me some chicken rice paste.. please let me know.. muahhahahaha!!!  If no one sends me some.. i know .. i can count on Barb from ChumsyAshley to take pity on me.. and send me some.. muahahahha!! right Barb..??


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  1. May May

    Yum! I love Hainaese Chicken rice (especially the seasoned rice)! Wonder if that package version taste good. I always wanted to make it myself but after checking out the recipes, it takes too much work. So I’ll stick to eating Hainanese Chicken Rice at a restaurant!

  2. mommy of three

    Tell me if you how many you need and if you are interested in any other flavours. The supermarkets here in Ontario have lots of it. Please email me your address.

    As yummy as it is, I have to cut down on consumption as it is a bit oily. Need to loose the baby fat before I got back to work 🙂

  3. Raymond

    That chicken rice look authentic!! You dont have any asian restaurant around? poor thing, cant survive without one.

  4. uj

    I got the packets liao MamaBok… how to send to u???? better let me know.. else it’ll surely rot in my kitchen cabinets!!! 🙁

  5. Kat

    i never tried hainanese chicken rise. LOL it’s been like several times i read the word hainanese but i didnt know what it really means until i type it out in this comment box LOL!!!!

    now i remember i know this dish from Yummy Yummy. They were in Singapore and their famous dish is “hoi nam guy fan”

  6. Tracey

    I’ve never tried Hainan chicken rice but have always heard about it. Will order one when I’m at a restaurant the next I go.

    I love your food blog, I always browse through it during lunch time or in the middle of the night. Always makes me hungry!

  7. Lina

    The only chicken rice i like is @ Mandarin Hotel. They’ve shifted to Revolving Restaurant due to their major renovation. Presentation is good n unlimited servings of soup n rice but of course, only one serving for their chicken, which you can request for drumstick or chicken breast with or without skin.

  8. leanne

    Wow, would love some of those chicken rice too. Living in Seosan small town in Korea is not as easy as I thought. Thought I can live on Korean food but after 2 bouts of flu, diarrhea and throwing up, I need some food from home. Anyone know of any good roast duck in Seoul? Don’t mind travelling for a morsel of that!

  9. Chorchee

    I think everybody seems to enjoy Hainaese Chicken rice. There is a place in West End in Brisbane, Australia that seems to do a very good Hainaese chicken rice especially when the chicken is boneless. By the way I too would like to know what the paste is called.

  10. Ray

    I can mail food to you if you want. E-mail me if your interested in doing so and we can start arranging it. I regularly mail english food to HK and chinese food to France. My cousin is studying in France and eats lots of Nissin noodles or cup noodles. (We call the nissin noodles in cantonese direct translation ‘cartoon noodles’). Since the they are dry and light, its quite cheap to mail. Small price to pay since he doesn’t like soggy, tasteless and non-authentic noodles.

    PS keep up the good work and continue hosting more vids

  11. 8poh

    Do anyone of you find this package in the east coast? I cant find it in our Asian grocery Store. I would like to try it.

  12. Christina

    I will be going to Singapore this June and will get you some CHNG Kee products. Visit this website: http://www.chngkees.com.sg/home.htm

    My two boys enjoy eating Satay (at least 50 sticks a day) and chicken rice each time we go back. Their “new found” food is clay pot rice. Take care!

  13. Lydia Luo

    I can go to the grocery store and see if i can get some for u… send your address to my email…! wish me luck!

  14. Rebecca

    Hey Mamabok,

    I already went ahead and purchased Prima Food Packets in Chicken Rice & Mee Siam flavors. Please let me know your mailing address so I can send to you. 🙂

  15. Amy

    hi, you can actually DIY ur own chicken rice.
    Btw, this is a recipe that has been passed down in my family and yup…i’m hainanese so it’s authentic.

    Garlic, Chicken Fat, Rice, Salt

    1. Chop garlic.
    2. Heat chicken fat in pan. After getting enough ‘oil’…discard the
    chicken fat pieces.
    3. Wash rice and drain until dry (UNCOOKED)
    4. Add garlic to ‘oil’ followed by the rice.
    5. Stir and mix well
    6. Transfer rice to rice cooker.
    7. Add salt and water.


    Btw, i love ur blog…keep up the good work. Thanks ^^

  16. tvbfanatic24

    I too live in Canada. I have always loved Hainanese Chicken Rice. Every time I go to restaurants, I always order it, but what goes into my mouth is not that good. I have always wanted to try the traditional flavour of this food, but all the restaurants I order it at, cannot give me the goodness and the mouth watering effect that i want!

  17. shoegirlwen

    I went to the store yesterday and tried to find this, they don’t have it. But they have so many different varieties of everything else. What’s your address so I can send you some. BTW, thanks so much for posting. You’re awesome.

  18. Ingrid

    Mama Bok! I happen to work for a huge drug store/ grocery store. We sell tons of those packages. There’s Indian butter chicken, Szechuan chili and ginger, Thai roast chicken, and lots more. we have all but the singapore chicken you have there. If you would like some. e-mail me your address and i’ll try to get you some. But I have to send it to you from Vancouver though.

  19. Lee

    You can try cooking your rice with chicken broth (original, not canned) instead of water.
    It should turn out as tasty as using that chicken paste.
    You can always buy the chicken bones, cook them up, just to make the broth.
    Good luck!

  20. tracy

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