For as long as I can remember .. i have always tried to eat healthy.. and live healthy.  I’ve read and been told so many times.. about Cranberry Juice.. that is great for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  Well.. i never had them.. *touch wood* .. but i do try and drink them.  But alas.. coming to Canada.. i can only find Cranberry Cocktail.. and not juice.. but no choice lor.. i still buy.. but i drink them really diluted.

The other fluk .. i found the REAL cranberry juice.. and not COCKTAIL..!!  i was excited..but darn.. such a small bottle cost about $6 .. i hesitated.. but the “ang moh” just took it outta the shelves and put it in the grocery cart.   How did it taste..?? like cranberry juice lor.. but they say to put sugar.. but i just drink it.. as is.. with water lah.. of course.. i can’t take sugar.. and seriously speaking.. i donch like sugar either.

Ok.. for those who are still not sure.. for UTI . .never drink cranberry cocktail.. only cranberry juice.  It is said that Cranberry made of half a bottle of sugar.  Pure juice and nothing else, now i can be as strong as those steel buildings i keep seeing sprout up in the  neighbourhood.


  1. tracy

    I tried that before.. but not my flavour~~
    it will be nice if you share more about those healthy foods or any foods receipt to stay healthy~~^___^
    I also tried to eat healthy because i had “hair-lost” problem lately. I was eating too unhealthy before..=(

  2. mina mong

    Thank you for e-mail. I am happy your daughter better and no fever. I wish you family always happy and the best wish.

  3. xbabiex

    i love Cranberry Juice! it’s healthy! i also like the Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries package. haha now i’m craving for it!

  4. Stephanie

    yup. i always get the 100% cranberry juice with no added sugar. it’s the only way to go.

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