April’s Fool Breakfast

April’s Fool is tomorrow.. so I figured I should share some of my favorite April’s Fool Breakfast with you.  For those who makes breakkie for their spouse’s .. you can try .. the Green Egg’s breakfast recommended by Martha Stewart – yes, yes..! you guess right..! i’m a big fan of her.. and Nigella Lawson.  … [Read more…]

Lil’ Fridge

Good things must share ma.. right..??  donch say .. i didn’t share with you.  Too cute right..?? just right for our babysitter – Keegan .. moving away for college this fall.  But she likes the pink one better.  I’ll find a picture for you .. in abit.  For now.. i’ll have to run .. get … [Read more…]

Sunday Lunch

Sunday is our only day off.. and we are always glad to have the time off.. that way we can do grocery shopping.. and sometimes eat out.  But Sundays is also the day .. where we need to do our housework.  We have no maids here to hire.. and in “ang moh” land.. it is … [Read more…]

Easter Cookies

Easter is just round the corner and if you are like myself and have no baking skill or rather .. very little .. and have loads of friends in the West, well you head to Williams Sonoma and order some and wish them Happy Easter.    Pretty right..?  For those who loves baking.. i bet this … [Read more…]

Special Request

Below is a special request from a reader here.  I know some of you are from Japan and Asia, and i also know that you can find this flavor of Kit Kat in Japan and in some parts of Asia.  Please help, Jerry .. as a favor to me..???  pretty please..???  If you need Jerry’s … [Read more…]


For those out there who don’t know by now .. i lived in a fishing community.  Nova Scotia is full of fishermen and full of fishing plants.  Therefore, you can get seafood fairly cheap most times.  Well.. the salmon is still darn expensive .. but scallops and shrimp are darn cheap.  The scallops are a … [Read more…]

Triplets Strawberry

Strawberries can be really cheap here in Canada.  At $2.99 a box of strawberry .. it’s a pretty good deal.  But it’s even cheaper.. when you can pick them straight from the “ang moh’s” parents garden for they grow them for sale in the summer as well as for making jams.  The brat loves strawberries, … [Read more…]

Good Friends = Good Food

Good friends are hard to come by .. and one that you haven’t met personally but met online .. has become a treasure to me.  Not only does she sends food from home . but she is always there to encourage me.. whenever i am down. Barb from ChumsyAshley is more than a blogging friend … [Read more…]

Familiar Noodles

By fluke, I took a walk to Mr Choo’s restaurant to pick up my soup one nite.. and saw the buffet table having familiar noodles… from home.   So for the last few days.. we have been having this noodles.  Not only I liked it.. so does the brat.. and the “ang moh” .. sure save … [Read more…]

Strawberry Yogurt

We are very lucky.. because Chloe loves eating yogurt.  Some kids never wanna touch it.. but for my Chloe.. she eats them like they were ice-cream.  Therefore, even though she doesn’t eat a lot of meat.. i don’t really sweat it.  Normally, she eats a full cup of yogurt .. but i try to spilt … [Read more…]

Congee aka Porridge

The “ang mohs’ donch know what porridge is.  If you say .. you are eating porridge … they would think i was crazy.. because porridge is actually oatmeal here.  You have to say “congee” but there is no “congee” to be sold in the chinese restaurant here.  But if you are friends with the Chinese … [Read more…]

Maria’s Kitchen 1.03.09

Download Links : http://www.sendspace.com/file/duo022 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=27Z92Q2D VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE : These links are provided and hosted from a third party server. Please be aware that i found this using a search functionality, helping you discover publicly available websites and their content. I do not host the movie nor is responsible for the content.

Hot Plate Egg Tofu With Minced Chicken

photo credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/fotoosvanrobin/2221614050/ I missed a lot of different food from home .. but the above hot plate egg tofu with minced chicken has gotta one that is not only healthy .. but worthy to be eaten on a daily basis.  Back home there is a coffee shop near where i lived that is … [Read more…]